NSC Minutes

“Through service inside and outside of CoDA I am growing”


The CoDA UK National Service Committee (NSC) meets several times a year. The meeting minutes will be published here.

CoDA UK NSC Meeting Minutes

See also NSC Agenda & Reports

2023 Minutes
February 2023 – AGM
NSC – Minutes
May 2023
NSC – Minutes
August 2023
NSC – Minutes
*NEW* November 2023 – AGM
NSC – minutes
2022 Minutes
February 2022 – AGM
NSC – Minutes
March 2022
NSC – Minutes
May 2022
NSC – Minutes
August 2022
NSC – Minutes
November 2022
NSC – Minutes (PDF)
2021 Minutes
July 2021
August 2021
NSC – Minutes
November 2021
NSC – Minutes
2020 Agendas, Reports
February 2020 – AGM
NSC – AGM – Minutes
May 2020
NSC – Minutes
August 2020
Nov 2020
NSC – Minutes
2019 Minutes
December 2021
NSC – Minutes

All About the NSC

What is the National Service Committee (NSC)?  The NSC are the trusted servants of CoDA UK, meeting quarterly to discuss issues raised by the groups and matters affecting CoDA as a whole. One of their meetings is the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Groups and regions are free to raise issues with the NSC and to…

Open Service Positions

A CoDA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions Tradition 7 Why is service part of recovery? Those who have gone before us recognize that service is critical to recovery and is part of the Twelfth Step. Service work is a place to practice recovery skills and extend our recovery to new areas…

NSC Service Positions

All posts are for two years, unless specified. Members can elect to serve a longer term if they wish. NSC members should have at least one year’s recovery (unless specified) and a good working knowledge of the 12 Steps and Traditions. All committee members will be expected to attend three NSC meetings and the AGM…

We are looking for volunteers to give service to expand the service pages, sharing the benefits of service to our recovery, and providing a resource for fellow members to develop their service roles at personal, group, region, national and international level. Please contact codawebservice@codauk.org if you would like to be involved in developing the service pages resource.