CoDA UK Contacts

CoDA UK does not have a phone line or postal address.

Below is a list of contact emails for the various service positions in CoDA UK.
If you have a question for the team, please refer to CoDA FAQs, which may help with your enquiry.

General Enquiries:

Meeting Updates: (more info on meeting updates here)


Literature Secretary:

Treasurer: (some common treasury questions here)



Public Information:
and (more information on Carrying the Message here)

News Pages:

London & SE Region:

North Region:

Website Updates:

Public Liability Insurance: (more info about PLI here)

CoDA Member Networks

In the early months of 2020, members adapted, built and grew new ways of sharing Experience, Strength and Hope which have been developed as service in these areas deepens. Groups are focused on offering insight, opportunities to meet like-minded members and connecting to work the programme.

Find out more about the selection of CoDA Member Networks.

CoDA UK Mailing List

CoDA UK meeting GSRs, meeting contacts and individual members may join the CoDA UK mailing list, to receive CoDA UK communications on topics such as upcoming workshops, retreats, CoDA committee meetings and study sessions and other key information.
Please send an email to: to sign up to the mailing list. By doing so, you agree to opt in to receive communications from CoDA UK. You can remove your name from this mailing list at any time by emailing