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Fellowship Meeting – Safeguarding Policy *updated*

Updates made – November 2022 – by NSC & Sponsorship committees – indicated with asterix

The Disclosure and Barring Service and Scottish Government have confirmed that fellowship members do not require DBS or Disclosure Scotland check for 12th Stepping or Sponsorship, as they are members of self-regulating groups. As individuals, however, fellowship members should be aware of their duty of care to others and hence follow the law and best practice on safeguarding, when acting in the fellowship’s name.

This guidance has been updated following recent high-profile cases in the wider charity sector which have prompted the need to review and further strengthen safeguarding standards within the Fellowship.

The basic principle
Everyone should recognise that all individuals, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation and identity, have a right to equal protection from all types of harm and abuse.

Who the guidance protects?
This Guidance applies to the safeguarding of all fellowship members or those who fellowship members encounter when acting in the fellowship’s name, including those under the age of 18 (minor) or any vulnerable adults who may be members of the fellowship.

Disseminating best practice
It is suggested that a copy of a version of this Guidance should be available at each meeting and copies can be obtained on request for every new (and existing) fellowship member. Also reference to the existence of a safeguarding policy could be mentioned in the script?

It is vital that all Group Secretaries understand and learn about safeguarding and protection issues within the context of the fellowship in order to ensure a safe environment for members and those who members encounter when acting in the fellowship’s name.

New members
Meetings with new members to the fellowship:

  • should be conducted by two existing members and, whenever possible, by a man and a woman
  • should be held in a public place and the date, time and place of any meeting should be reported in advance to the Group Secretary


  • It is suggested that a Sponsor who has completed step 5 and is attending meetings regularly has regard for this guidance and their duty of care towards other fellowship members.
  • Sponsors do not ever give advice on medication in any circumstances, even if they are trained professionals. The only person who can give advice on medication is the sponsee’s own medical professional.*
  • Sponsors only use CoDA Approved Literature in sponsoring.*

Fellowship members are not legally required to obtain a DBS Certificate in order to act as a Sponsor.

However, Sponsors are encouraged to consider their legal and moral responsibility to themselves, prospective sponsees, and the fellowship when considering whether accepting a particular sponsee is in the best interest of those involved.

Reporting safeguarding concerns
If any fellowship member believes they are being abused or knows/suspects that another fellowship member is being abused/abusing someone else, they should consider taking the following action(s), as appropriate:

Preserve any evidence
Report all concerns to the:
Group Secretary and/or any Group member;
Local Authority Adult Social Care team (about a vulnerable adult); and/or
Local Authority Children’s Services team (about a minor)
In an emergency, if there is immediate risk of abuse call 999.

If there is any doubt about whether a situation amounts to abuse, members of the group should ask the advice of their Local Authority Safeguarding Lead.

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19th Nov 2022 – Interim Business Meeting – CoDA North Region

The CoDA UK North and Regions intergroup committee invites you to attend the upcoming interim business meeting on the 19th November 2022 10:30 – 12:30 on Zoom.

Zoom details for each meeting:

Meeting ID: 852 0891 0153
Passcode: 176130

For any further information

During the meeting on 22nd October we appointed many new service roles, including:

  • Chair: Philip F.
  • Co-Chair: Mari H.
  • Secretary: Serina K.
  • Treasurer: Tina G.
  • Literature: Jane B. & Ciara W.
  • Technology and Comms: Pete H.
  • Workshops & Retreats: Gillian A., Pete H. & Noddfa Retreat Committee

It was also decided that any meetings outside of the current UK LSER (London and South East Region) are welcome to join this intergroup.

All are welcome to join us, GSRs and members alike, to discuss retreats, events, services for members, and representing the voice of CoDA UK members at the CoDA service conference.

This meeting will be in part to help set the agenda for the regular January 2023 intergroup business meeting and moving to running the business meeting in the morning with a workshop in the afternoon reading CoDA literature.

We hope you can join us and together we can provide ever greater service to CoDA members.

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5th Nov 2022 – NSC meeting

Time: 12:50 for 13.00-17:00

CoDA UK is holding its next business meeting which is open to members from all the national meetings and representatives of regional groups.

Join us online/by phone to discuss national CoDA business. NSC Committee Members and Group Service Representatives (GSRs) are able to vote on any motions proposed. 

The meeting will follow the successful recent format, with 30 second shares from each member before a vote is taken, if one is required. Please note that there may not be enough time in the meeting to go through any written reports in detail so we ask all members to come prepared, having read the reports and agenda items in advance, so that we have time for questions, and sharing and reflection during each agenda item.

Please note, the minute taker will record any votes and actions, which we will review at the end of the meeting. Any references to individuals are on a first name basis only. If you do not wish to be mentioned by name in the minutes, please make this clear to the minute taker.

Please join the zoom call just before 1pm

Join Zoom meeting 

Meeting ID: 857 1637 8916
Password: 874688

Or dial on one of the numbers below
+44 330 088 5830, +44 131 460 1196 , +44 20 3481 5237,
+44 20 3481 5240, +44 20 8080 6591, +44 20 8080 6592

Everyone is welcome to join, so please do share this communication at your groups. 

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 5th November. 

Agenda ItemStart TimeEnd Time
1. Welcome, moment’s silence, Preamble, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Service Concepts and sharing guidelines.
Reminder of 30 second time out with serenity prayer if anyone requests.
Appointment of a spiritual timekeeper. (20 mins)
2. Introductions and Feelings check in
(individual only, i.e. not service, subcommittee or group reports) (15 mins)
If any groups wish to bring reports or questions, please raise them at item 10. AOB is at item 11.
3. Request for a member to take minutes
Establish voting entity (5 mins)
1.35 1.40
4. Matters arising from August NSC minutes
Minutes attached. Are there any questions arising? Any updates?
Draft Mission statement of NSC – vote required for this to be uploaded to the website – please read supporting document attached: NSC Members Guidelines 2022 draft (updated following last NSC – amendments are in red)
(15 mins)
5. Treasury report (30 mins)
Report and addendum
Questions for Treasurer from last NSC:
i). What is the NSC’s prudent reserve and when did CoDA UK NSC last make a 7th tradition donation?
ii). How does 2022 compare to 2018 donations?
iii). Is there any information on the possible outstanding debt to CoDA Literature?

Carried forward from last NSC – Charitable status – update
Carried forward from last NSC – meeting funding (startup-up or return to face-to-face)
6. Reports and updates from members in service preferably circulate in advance, or brief verbal bullet points only and any questions arising from these
(5 mins each)
6a. Sponsorship CommitteeReport attached
Results of group conscience regarding safeguarding issue discussed at last NSC – and proposal that these statements be added to the CoDA Safeguarding Policy Document (votes required):
1. Sponsors do not ever give advice on medication in any circumstances, even if they are trained professionals. The only person who can give advice on medication is the sponsee’s own medical professional.
2. That only CoDA Approved Literature be used in sponsoring.

(15 minutes)
6b. Member Networks/CoDA Outreach Groups no report this meeting
6c. Literature no report this meeting
6d. PLI – Report attached
i). Update on insurance policy
ii). Does the previous proposal (cover all UK meetings) still need discussing at a future NSC?
6e. Website & meetings list no report this meeting
6f. Comms no report this meeting
6g. Public Information no report this meeting
6h. CoDA Teen no report this meeting
6i. North Region – report attached
6j. London & South East Region – report attached
10-minute break (may be moved if earlier timings change)2.503.00
7. CoDA Service Conference update (20 mins)
Written report to follow
8. Service positions vacant (10 mins)
Discussion if needed; votes
Key positions vacant:
– Secretary
– Literature Secretary
– Public Liability Insurance
All available service positions, including shared ones:
9. Agenda items , carried forward from last NSC or newly submitted
30 second timed shares
9a. Proposal from LSER on 7th Tradition Funds
See also written report from LSER. Vote required.
1. Request that the NSC takes over the LSER bank account again and holds the remaining £3000 as a reserve for such time as the LSER resumes as a committee.
(15 minutes)
9b. Proposal from Treasurer on Paypal
Request attached.
1. For the NSC to have a Paypal account into which groups may pay their donations, and out of which a Zoom account can be serviced by direct debit.
– To connect the Paypal account to the bank account
– To name the Paypal account: NSC Treasurer CoDA UK. Not to add a DONATE button on the webpage, so as not to invite rogue / member / non-group donations
2. Write a guide “How To Set up an Anonymous PayPal Account”, which could be published onto the website, or not, if groups want guidance.
9c. NSC meetings in 2023
And whether to hold an AGM
(15 minutes)
10. Any Other Business (30 minutes)4.154.45
11. Agree actions on screen so minutes can be circulated straight away. (10 minutes)4.454.55
12. Date of next meeting – n/a, to be decided at 9c4.204.35
13. Close. Promises and long form Serenity Prayer
(5 minutes)

Previous meeting minutes are published here.

The following agreed proposals from recent NSC meetings may guide us in our service:

20th March 2021 NSC meeting
Agenda item 1 – That the minutes to NSC meetings be limited to the proposals/votes only and relevant committee member’s reports detailing business information e.g. Treasurer’s Report/PI/Hospitals and Institutions.
The minutes will include ‘dissenting voices’ which will be specifically relayed to the secretary after the vote; the comments will be attributed to the member who made them.
Abstain – 0
Against – 0
In favour – 15 Motion carried

5th December 2020 NSC meeting
Agenda item 15 – For this and the next NSC meeting we go with a majority vote i.e. the total of the in-favour votes is greater than the sum of the against and abstentions. The total of the votes is based on how many people are in the meeting and eligible to vote. Abstentions are made as members don’t have the confidence to make a yes or no decision
so need to be accounted for. 
Abstain – 1
Against – 0
In favour – 9 Motion carried

5th December 2020 NSC meeting – Agenda item 7
Propose that when discussions diverge away from the agenda item, the Chair can clarify with the sharer the new discussion point and raise it as an independent AOB item added to the end of the meeting or a sub-
committee to discuss the item and report back to the NSC.
Abstain – 2
Against – 0
In favour – 8 Motion carried