NSC Service

NSC Service Positions

All posts are for two years, unless specified. Members can elect to serve a longer term if they wish. NSC members should have at least one year’s recovery (unless specified) and a good working knowledge of the 12 Steps and Traditions. All committee members will be expected to attend three NSC meetings and the AGM each year. Reasonable expenses are paid to cover travel to these four meetings when they are held in person. Between meetings, communication is usually by email, WhatsApp or phone.

Service Positions

An overview of the currently defined NSC service positions, highlighting current vacancies. If you are interested in discussing any of these positions, please email the NSC Enquiries email address found on the CoDA Contacts page for more details, putting NSC in the subject line and giving a phone number where you can be contacted before the AGM.


Has overall responsibility of CoDA UK in keeping with the Traditions; liaises with Vice Chair and Secretary to determine Agenda; acts as guardian of CoDA Constitution; facilitates discussion amongst meeting members and proposes voting issues; casts deciding vote if there should be a tie vote; cheque signatory; keeps abreast of all issues and matters affecting CoDA in the UK; available for contact with NSC members to discuss ongoing CoDA issues.

Email Responder – one person in service, more required

At least two members to answer emails sent to the Enquiries email address, which is where all queries sent via this website are received. This is currently about 1-2 hours a week of service and can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. There are templates set up for standard answers and there is support from the CoDA UK committee for more complicated enquiries. For many newcomers, this is their first contact with a member of CoDA so this is an extremely important post requiring commitment and a willingness to carry the message.

General Committee Members – more required

Contributes as appropriate to matters arising in NSC meetings; takes up NSC responsibilities as required to ensure committee objects are achieved; no special remit.

Internal Communications Person – one person in service, more required

Deals with emails coming in to the News & Events email address, either answering them or passing on to other members; keeps the NSC email account and  contact details up-to-date. Updates the CoDA UK news, Groups News and Events pages. Receives incoming emails from website home page enquiry box and gathers an email list of all meeting GSRs/contacts and regularly checks that this is up to date. Sends out emails to GSRs and meeting contacts when requested.

Literature Person – vacant May 2022

Deals with emails coming into the Literature email address. Point of contact with literature distributors; acts as contact for any groups with literature problems; promotes use of CoDA approved literature within meetings, thereby generating essential revenue for the fellowship; liaises with CoRE Publications in the US about any changes to CoDA approved literature; communication skills and access to email required.

Public Information (PI) Person

Deals with emails coming into the Public Information email address. Responsible for public information; contact organisations to get an entry in their publications; reply to requests for information from publishers or directories; reply to update requests from existing entities; point of contact with outside bodies and other fellowships; assists groups to identify ways to attract members in accordance with the 12 Traditions; it has also been suggested at a recent AGM that a PI person could send out regular newsletters to CoDA members to let everyone know what is happening in CoDA UK.

Regional Representatives

Represents a regional group of CoDA UK; contributes as appropriate to matters arising in NSC meetings; takes up NSC responsibilities as required to ensure committee objects are achieved.


Present at committee meetings to make relevant and concise notes (minutes) of what takes place; sends out (usually by email) minutes of the meeting to each committee member after the meeting; liaises with Chair and Vice Chair to assist continuity in deciding the agenda prior to next meeting.


Deals with emails coming into the Treasurer email address. Responsible for overall financial situation of CoDA UK; cheque signatory; pay bills; pay donations into bank; keep records of all finances of CoDA UK; at least basic book keeping skills preferable; must be comfortable around money issues; minimum two year term as treasurer.

Vice Chair – vacant April 2022

Filling in wherever needed by the Chair; generally helping with the administration of the NSC; chairing meetings when Chair unavailable; discussing Agenda content with Chair and Secretary; liaising with CoDA members/Chair on issues of conscience; cheque signatory; for this post, two years recovery, including one year as Vice Chair, is required; one year’s service as Vice Chair is followed by a second year as Chair.

Website Coordinator – 2 people in service, more required, especially with technical skills

Deals with emails coming into the Web Service email address. Oversees the website at all times; develops existing website by adding pages where relevant; supports the WTF Co-ordinators in keeping the meetings list up-to-date. Web, preferably broadband, access anywhere in the UK is essential; some knowledge of content management systems is preferable but not vital; willingness to spend a couple of hours a month keeping the site up-to-date is essential.

Meetings List Coordinator – 2 people sharing service, more required

Deals with emails coming into the Meetings email address on at least a weekly basis; keeps the CoDA UK website meetings list up to date and ensures an offline back up copy is available in case of any website issues; ensures all personal contact details for meetings comply with GDPR; works with the website team to develop the meetings part of the website appropriately and in line with updates to the meetings list software. Someone in this service role should be familiar with Traditions 5 and 7, must have access to the internet for updating the website, receiving emails etc and be familiar with managing information using Excel and other Microsoft products. Familiarity with WordPress is also useful but not essential as a full handover document and support from the website team is provided. Familiarity with other parts of the CoDA Service structure and website are also required, as enquiries are sometimes sent to the meetings inbox which need to be directed elsewhere. This role is suitable for a ‘job-share’ if more than one person would like to volunteer.

Sponsorship Representative – position available

Deals with emails coming into the Sponsorship email account, either answering them or passing on to other members; keeps the Sponsorship page up to date and co-ordinates and gives support to members/groups organising Sponsorship workshops.

Public Liability Insurance Service

Arranges the public liability insurance policy for face to face meetings to protect those in service from legal problems and costs.

CSC Delegates

Attends the CoDA Service Conference (CSC) in person or online to represent the NSC (our Voting Entity or VE) at CoDA worldwide level. The role is for two years, with a vote required by the NSC each year to endorse the service. There are two CSC delegate roles with an alternate role also available – the alternate would step in if one of the CSC delegate is not available to vote in a session.

More details on being the delegate for our VE are in the Fellowship Service Manual, starting on page 83.