All About the NSC

What is the National Service Committee (NSC)? 

The NSC are the trusted servants of CoDA UK, meeting quarterly to discuss issues raised by the groups and matters affecting CoDA as a whole. One of their meetings is the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Groups and regions are free to raise issues with the NSC and to send along a Group Service Representative (GSR). All members of CoDA UK are welcome at NSC meetings but only the elected committee and GSRs are able to vote on any issues. Details of when the meetings are held appear on the Events page of the CoDA UK website, with the agenda for the meeting appearing at least a week in advance. CoDA UK pays travel expenses for the NSC members; other members have their expenses paid by their groups. Any member is welcome to volunteer for relevant posts at any time during the year. NSC members keep in touch with each other by email and WhatsApp during the year for any service queries and matters which arise between meetings, and additional NSC meetings are sometimes arranged when there is a lot of business to discuss. 

What is its remit? 

The NSC acts on concerns brought by the membership which are raised through local group consciences, at regional level and which are brought to the NSC by email or at the AGM. If a group has a Group Service Representative (GSR), it is their role to bring issues raised at Group Conscience to the wider fellowship i.e. Region or NSC (depending on which is available in their area).  

The NSC works as a committee, so operates on a group input/approval process much the same as a Group Conscience. This means that all members are welcome and invited to contribute and put forward suggestions on all areas of service. Members are able to propose and spearhead certain areas of service that are important to them if supported by the NSC group. Sub-committees are also sometimes formed to deal with larger pieces of service.  

What are the service positions on the NSC? 

A list of suggested service positions at this level is on the CoDA UK website but the list is flexible, members serving the needs of the fellowship in whatever way they can. For the full list see: For a list of all those currently in service, please see below. 

What are the membership/recovery requirements for service in the various roles?  

It is suggested that NSC members should have at least one year’s recovery (unless specified otherwise) and a good working knowledge of the 12 Steps and Traditions.  

How do members join the committee? 

They are voted in at the AGM; or may attend one of the quarterly meetings during the year; or may be sent to the NSC as a representative of their region. The format for nominations is that members put themselves forward for a role, then say a little about their service background, length of time in recovery and why they want the role and answer any questions. A seconder is required, then a vote is taken (the member usually leaves the room during the vote). Members wishing to serve must be in attendance at the meeting where they come forward; votes on new members do not take place in the absence of the member being nominated. Members can only put themselves forward – they cannot be proposed by others. 

How long do they do service in any particular position? 

The length of time for each service position is listed on the website but generally all posts are for one year, unless specified otherwise. Members can elect to serve a longer term if they wish.  

What guidance is there to help members with the NSC’s work? 

The Twelve Service Concepts are read at each meeting and describe how members can serve together:  

The Fellowship Service Manual is here: and provides guidance to members in service in all parts of the fellowship. There is some useful info directly relating to the NSC’s work on p 12 in Part 1 and p7 in Part 3. 

How often and where do the committee meet? 

The committee meet quarterly, with the AGM as one of their quarterly meetings. Location is decided by the membership of the NSC as the most convenient place for all members to get to; since spring 2020, meetings have been held on Zoom. Meetings are publicised on the website, in the CoDA Noticeboard WhatsApp and by email to the CoDA UK mailing list, and via the regional mailing lists. All members are welcome at NSC meetings, not just GSRs, NSC members or Regional reps. Between meetings, communication is usually by email to all NSC members. There is also an NSC WhatsApp where members may ask for or share ESH but not all NSC members are included in this so it’s not a formal channel for NSC business, just a supportive space. 

Leaving the committee 

Please do let the committee know if at any time you decide to step down from doing service or if you are going to be away or need to take a break from service. It was decided that if a member has not been in email contact or has not attended 3 consecutive NSC meetings and has not sent any apologies, then this member will be contacted and if no response is given they are automatically removed from the NSC email group mailing list and the NSC WhatsApp group. 

Updated by the NSC, August 2023 

RoleNameTerm beganTerms ends
ChairAndyMay 22May 24
- Description -
TreasurerRochelleMay 22May 24
- Description -
Public Liability InsuranceRochelleAug 22Aug 24
- Description -
Bank SignatoriesRochelle
Aug 22
Pre Aug 21
Pre Aug 21
Aug 22
SecretaryBryonyNov 22Nov 24
- Description -
WebsiteKate supported by Bryony, Sam, Rochelle~ May 22May 24
- Description -
Email Responder
Kate, SamMay 22
August 22
May 24
August 24
- Description -
Meetings List Co-ordinatorBryony~ 11- As soon as I can hand over -
- Description -
North Region Intergroup RepPhilipN/A - as post held by North Region ChairN/A - as post held by North Region Chair
London & SE Region Intergroup- Vacant -
Public InformationKate, Sam
Supported by
Sarah, Rochelle, Hilary, Emma, Helen, Suzanne, Ciara, Jack, Penny
Post 20
Aug 22
Aug 24
CSC Reps 2023 - 2024Emma, Rochelle
Kate (alternate)
Feb 23, May 23
Feb 23
25 (with confirmatory vote required in 24)
Literature Secretary- Service Needed - - Description -
Vice Chair- Service Needed -
Sponsorship Rep- Service Needed -
General Committee Members- Service Needed -
CIO Sub CommitteeRochelle, Emma, Philip, Gillian, Hil, SamSetup Nov 22Until CIO work is complete