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Co-Dependents Anonymous is a fellowship of people whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships.The […]

SoCal CoDA Shares (2020 >)

Shared with thanks to South California region of Co Dependents Anonymous The Southern California Region […]

Recovery Speakers (1988>)

Shared with thanks to Recovery Speakers Recovery Speakers is a website dedicated to collecting and […]

CoDA Tucson – Workshops

The purpose of the Tucson CoDependents Intergroup (TCI) is to support local Co-Dependents Anonymous groups […]

Sponsorship in CoDA

Sponsorship Workshop – Birmingham April 2007 I am a recovering codependent who normally attends the […]

Group Sponsorship

Sharing the Experience, Strength and Hope I’ve Found in a CoDA Step Work Group My […]


Sponsorship Workshop – Birmingham – April 2007 The speaker described how she had been in […]

We’re looking for submissions!

We want your personal stories & poems reflecting experience, strength & hope in your recovery from codependency (recovery in other 12 Step programmes may be mentioned peripherally, but not as the focus please).

Our committee guidelines
We respectfully suggest that articles submitted for publication contain in some degree Experience, Strength and Hope, how it was, how it is, how CoDA helped you. Our hope is that the readings will inspire and encourage members of the Fellowship.