CoDA Member Shares

CoDA Inc – YouTube channel (2020 >)

CoDA Inc – official You Tube Channel of Codependents Anonymous. What is Codependence? Somewhere along this road we learn about codependence. We hear it from a friend or a therapist. We see it mentioned in the news. Many of us wonder if codependence describes who we are. Codependence is a disease that deteriorates the souls. […]

CoDA Meeting In Print (2016 >)

A quarterly CoDA recovery and support publication.Recovery is for everyone, and we hope you enjoy reading these shares. Meeting in Print contains CoDA-approved literature, including shares, uplifting quotes and artistic material from CoDA members. We hope you find this issue both enjoyable and insightful. Please feel free to contact us with comments and suggestions – […]

Desert CoDA – event (and shares)

Shared with thanks to Desert CoDA committee The Events Committee within Desert CoDA host regular workshops to provide people with options to explore CoDA. To find out more about upcoming events subscribe to the Desert CoDA newsletter. Online Speaker MeetingFriday – 5pm – 6:30pm (PST) / Saturday 2am (BST) Join Zoom Event withEvent ID – […]

SoCal CoDA Shares (2020 >)

Shared with thanks to South California region of Co Dependents Anonymous The Southern California Region of Co-Dependents Anonymous provides a bridge between the many SoCalCoDA Communities and the CoDA World Fellowship. We are dedicated to all co-dependents who still suffer and have a desire for healthy and loving relationships. 1 – Finding Joy– Heidi A 2 – Christmas […]

CoDA Retreat Shares (2021)

Shared with thanks to 2021 Online retreat – March 2021 – Power of Connections through Loving and Healthy Relationships or Service 1 – Let it begin with me– Liz vR Related documents Let it Begin With Me – Exercise CoDA Slogans Meditation Slogans for screenshare 2 – Cultural Codependency – Isabella C Related documents Workbook – […]

Recovery Speakers (1988>)

Shared with thanks to Recovery Speakers Recovery Speakers is a website dedicated to collecting and preserving the audio history of the 12 step fellowships – captured from the late forties onwards. If you would like to listen to more speaker talks from other 12 Step Fellowships, you can find them at CoDA shares – […]

CoDA Fellowship Forum – event (and shares)

Hosted by CoDA Communications Committee Join us for CoDA Member shares with time for questions and fellowship WHEN: Last Saturday of every month:8 PM (GMT-UK),12 PM (PT), 1 PM (MT), 2 PM (CT) and 3 PM (ET),Sun. 7am (AEST-Aus) Join Zoom Meeting!Meeting ID: 997 1221 0733 Sign up for event reminders! © Codependents Anonymous, inc […]

CoDA Audio Shares (2007 >)

Shared with thanks to CoDA Portland, Oregon and Metro Area All recordings were made at CoDA events (meetings, conferences, workshops) and recordings were made with the knowledge and permission of the speaker. As with any CoDA event, each speaker is sharing their personal Experience, Strength and Hope. The opinions expressed here are strictly those of the person […]

Co-Dependence Matters – event (and shares)

Sessions are run most Saturdays by the group. Saturday, 7pm (GMT)Join Zoom meeting: Meeting ID : 87616355527Password: 861572 Where recordings are taken, they’re anonymized to remove names of attendees. These recordings are made freely available for use by all CoDA groups and members and may be used and redistributed for free maintaining attribution to […]

CoDA Founder Shares (2007 >)

Ken and Mary Shares – Shared with thanks to CoDA Tucson, CoDA Arizona, Desert CoDA, CoDA Portland, Oregon and Metro Area All recordings were made at CoDA events (meetings, conferences, workshops), recordings were made with the knowledge and permission of the speaker. As with any CoDA event, each speaker is sharing their personal Experience, Strength and […]

CoDA Tucson – Workshops

The purpose of the Tucson CoDependents Intergroup (TCI) is to support local Co-Dependents Anonymous groups as they carry CoDA’s message to codependents who still suffer. Email if you have any questions CoDA Tucson – Past event recordings Stop Obsessing Boundaries (Audio – part 1, Audio – part 2, graphic 1, graphic 2, slides) Ken […]

CoDA Arizona – event (and Shares)

The Arizona CoDA Events Committee organizes and sponsors workshops to provide people with options to explore and deepen their CoDA. Since May of 2017, over 40 workshops and fun events have been held on many different subjects. The fun events give opportunities for fellowship with other recovering co-dependents in a relaxing, comfortable environment. recovery. Join […]

Sponsorship in CoDA

Sponsorship Workshop – Birmingham April 2007 I am a recovering codependent who normally attends the Birmingham Branch of CoDA, and the following relates my experience of the above workshop. There were two speakers: Emma, who shared her experience of individual sponsorship, and Hilary, who shared her experience of co-sponsorship. Kay, the speaker on group sponsorship, […]

Group Sponsorship

Sharing the Experience, Strength and Hope I’ve Found in a CoDA Step Work Group My name is Kay and I’m a recovering co-dependent. I have been in the fellowship for just under three years. I joined the fellowship following a bad break-up which left me broken spiritually, untrusting of my own judgement and merits and […]


Sponsorship Workshop – Birmingham – April 2007 The speaker described how she had been in CoDA for around 3-4 years, following sponsoring in another 12 step fellowship. There was a lack of available sponsors, and the co-sponsoring relationship was set up in the light of this. She described the ‘mechanics’ of the relationship, which has […]

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We want your personal stories & poems reflecting experience, strength & hope in your recovery from codependency (recovery in other 12 Step programmes may be mentioned peripherally, but not as the focus please).

Our committee guidelines
We respectfully suggest that articles submitted for publication contain in some degree Experience, Strength and Hope, how it was, how it is, how CoDA helped you. Our hope is that the readings will inspire and encourage members of the Fellowship.