CoDA World Service Conference (CSC)

“Through service inside and outside of CoDA I am growing”


CSC 2023 – Overview of Motions and resources

Amendments to Fellowship service manual

  • Extend “Group Conscience” definition
  • Replace “Roberts Rules” with “Community Problem Solving Method”

New literature

New Initiatives

  • Hospitals & Institutions – Preliminary grant process for International Voting Entities’ Books for Inmates & Institutions Programs
  • Conference Endorsed Literature requirement – amended to become a requirement – motion tabled (but not voted on)

Other business

  • Retain the Current version of the “Recovery Patterns of Codependents” online
  • Increase of North American Delegate Grants (includes United States, Mexico and Canada) and International Delegate Grants
  • To hold 2024 CoDa Service Conference and International CoDA Convention in Ottowa
  • Add the Spanish translation of the CoDA logo to the Fellowship Service Manual (FSM).
  • 2024 Year Of Tradition 1 – Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon CoDA unity.”
Resources from Past Events

CSC Conference Motions and Reports
CSC – Summaries (1987 to date)
CSC Motions and Reports (1987 to date)
Past Convention and Retreat Recordings
CSC – Audio Index

World Service Conference Reports from UK NSC Members

2023 Report from Delegates – will be published
Emma W, Rochelle S, Kate F

2022 Report from Philip, UK Delegate and Voting Entity
CoDA Service Conference 2022

2021 Reports from Philip and Pete, UK Delegates and Voting Entities
CoDA Service Conference 2021 – Philip
CoDA Service Conference 2021 – Pete H

2020 Reports from Gillian, UK Delegate and Voting Entity
CoDA Report from NSC to Service Conference 2020
CoDA Service Conference 2020 Report to NSC

2019 Report from Gillian, UK Delegate and Voting Entity
CoDA Service Conference 2019

2015 Report from Cara, UK Delegate and Voting Entity
CoDA Service Conference 2015

2014 Report with Appendices – NSC rep possibly Dagmar
CoDA Service Conference 2014

2010 Report – NSC reps possibly Dagmar and Geraldine
CoDA Service Conference – Questions & Answers

We are looking for volunteers to give service to expand the service pages, sharing the benefits of service to our recovery, and providing a resource for fellow members to develop their service roles at personal, group, region, national and international level. Please contact if you would like to be involved in developing the service pages resource.