Meeting Details

This page is to help meetings keep their details current. As each group is autonomous, it is up to all groups to keep their meeting details up to date on the website. All meeting information was correct to the best of our knowledge as of May 2020, with each meeting entry displaying the date of its last update since then.


It is suggested that newcomers give it six meetings to see if CoDA is for you, and to listen for the similarities, not the differences.

You do not need to register as a member of CoDA. If you are a newcomer, just choose a meeting from the list and go along. Some online meetings require advance registration with the platform through which the meeting is held, or ask that you text a contact to receive a zoom password in advance, but the meetings are open to all. Each group lists its own details for attending within the meeting entry.

Many meetings have listed contact people who you can ring, text or email in advance if you need more information. To phone or email a contact on a smart device, click the phone or email button featuring these details to dial/email from your device.

You can read some FAQs about attending your first meeting here.

Register, update or remove a meeting

To register a new meeting (including online meetings), OR to add online/’return to in person’ details to an existing meeting, please download and complete* the new meeting registration form and follow the instructions on the form. If your meeting is in person, see the note below about Public Liability Insurance.

*Alternatively, to make a small change OR to remove an existing meeting, please send brief details of the change(s) to:

CoDA UK needs to comply with GDPR. If the change you’re making is to do with contact details, please amend as relevant and send the statement “I consent for our contact people’s name, phone number and/or email address to be used on the CoDA website meeting list for xxx meeting” to, including any changes to the contact details if necessary. Contacts can be removed from the site at any time by emailing Feel free to discuss at group conscience should you need to.

The meetings list is updated at least once a week, usually on a Sunday, so if you do not see the requested change appear on the site within a fortnight, please email again.

In March 2021, guidance on Safer Online Meetings was issued by the CoDA Board of Trustees, to assist groups in dealing with “bombers” disrupting meetings. This has been published here.

NB: It is not possible to amend the text on the map in each meeting entry as it’s automatically generated by the mapping software.

Christmas/Boxing Day/New Year’s Day/Bank Holidays etc

We don’t list that meetings stay open on public holidays; we only list if meetings will be closed, either regularly on Bank Holidays or if a particular holiday falls on your meeting date. If your meeting will be closed on a public holiday, please send a message to the with details of closures to be added to the site. Feel free to follow this up after the event with a reminder if the temporary closure is not removed.

Starting a New Meeting In Your Area

If you’d like to start a new meeting but would like to appeal for fellow members to come forward to help you, we can list your request on this page. Please email with your first name, the area where you’d like to start a meeting and your contact number and/or email address so that members can get in touch with you. Please bear in mind that your email address will be displayed on this page so a generic one to preserve your anonymity is recommended. Please include the statement “I consent for my name, phone number and/or email address to be used on the CoDA website for this purpose” with your email or we will not be able to list the information.

If you no longer wish your details to appear, please email to request that they are removed, and this will be done within a fortnight. If you do not see the requested change appear on the site within a fortnight, please email again.

Katie is planning to start a meeting in East Northamptonshire and would welcome other local people interested in helping her to set this up. Please text her on 07751 304406.

Sally is planning to start a meeting in Peterborough – please contact her if you’d like to help: 07710 800903 or

Kate is planning to start a meeting in Oxford and can be contacted on:

Claudia would like to start a women’s meeting in Farnham or Haslemere in Surrey. Please contact her on 07908 757976.

David is looking for experienced members to help set up a face to face meeting in Portsmouth, Hampshire. His contact details are David W 07449 549592.

Public Liability Insurance for new and existing groups

As groups move back to face-to-face meetings and new ones open, please check if your meeting venue requires groups to have Public Liability Insurance. This may not be obvious in the lease and may be contained within the small print; if groups fail to have insurance where it is required by their venue, the person signing the lease will be liable in the event of a claim. CoDA UK has an umbrella Public Liability Insurance policy which will cover groups until March 2024 for a suggested minimum donation of £10, more if your meeting can afford more: this is significantly cheaper than groups acquiring insurance independently.

Any groups who were part of the policy in previous years: please check your premium has been paid before face-to-face meetings commence to ensure your group details are listed on the policy for this year and that you are covered in the event of a claim.

There is more information here and any queries or sign-ups from new or existing group policy holders can be directed to: