24th Aug – CoDA World Service Conference

CoDA WSC 2020 – starts Monday 24th August
There is no registration fee, to attend as an observer contact and register on the CoDA Eventbrite page as an observer.

Closer to the event you will be given a private Youtube Live Stream address to follow proceedings.

Starts: Mon 24th Aug
Ends: Wed 26th Aug
Timings: 4pm – 9:30pm (UK Time)

Note: Do not share the Youtube Live Stream address

What is it?
The CoDA Service Conference (CSC) is CoDA World’s annual business meeting. The CSC is held each year in order to transact CoDA World business through the group conscience process. The location varies from year to year to support and help grow CoDA communities around the world.” This year it is virtual

Who can attend?
Anyone that would like to observe the CSC process is welcome… [The only people who get a vote and a voice are] … Delegates and Board members [who] attend the CSC. A delegate is an individual in the fellowship who is elected by their Voting Entity to represent its wishes at the CSC. Committee Chairs, who also attend, can be granted voice, but no vote by the delegates at CSC, through group conscience.

What is a voting entity?
A Voting Entity is a group of members who represent CoDA in an area of the country or world. Ours is CodaUK Motions presented by a Voting Entity are called Voting Entity Issues.