6th Feb – NSC Open Meeting: Group Inventory

1-5pm online, with programmed breaks during the session

At a National Service Committee (NSC) group conscience meeting on 5th December 2020 it was agreed that there would be a Group Inventory meeting conducted as a priority. This is to help us reflect on our service, to carry out our service roles in a healthy way and to share about our experience in service with the wider fellowship. It will take place instead of our quarterly business meeting.

We invite the fellowship to join us for this session of reflection and discussion, and hope that the experience will assist in sharing the message of service and healthy groups with the fellowship. Group inventories can be used for step groups, home groups and service groups, and allow us to focus on how the traditions and our ultimate authority, a loving Higher Power as expressed to our group conscience, guide our work and our daily lives.

The session will end with a period of reflection to determine the way forward for some of the organisational challenges the NSC has been discussing in recent meetings. This will include next steps on how regularly the NSC meets, and confirmation of the next meeting where regular business will resume, including items of business carried over from previous meetings.

If you would like to attend, please email to register for the meeting link, any time before the meeting, stating which group you attend most regularly. Details of how to join, what software platform you will need and more details on how the inventory will be carried out will be circulated the week before the event.