15th Aug 2022 – Sponsorship Workshop (Zoom)

CoDA UK will host the 2nd Zoom Sponsorship Workshop on Saturday, August 15th 2020. This event will be limited to the first 100 people who log-in. No registration is needed.

  • Numbers limited to 100 (by Zoom)
  • No registration required, first come first served
  • Doors open 12:30pm (meeting)
  • Workshop start 1pm

Zoom connection details – will be posted to all subscribers
Please email to be put on this mailing list.

CodaUK – Sponsorship Workshop Committee

Format of Sponsorship Workshop

Workshop 1 – One to One sponsorship1 ¼ hours
Starting with four chairs of 10 minutes
Sharing experience strength and hope (ESH)
– Questions at the end via “raised hand”
(Zoom chat box closed)
1:20pmChair – Sponsorship 1:1
1:30pmChair – Sponsorship 1:1
1:40pmChair – Sponsorsee 1:1
1:55pm “Raised hand” sharing(40 minutes)
15 minute break
(optional free form discussion and Zoom chat box open)

Workshop 2 – Co-Sponsorship and Step Groups – 1 hour
Starting with four chairs of 10 minutes
Sharing ESH instead of direct questions
3:00pmChair – Being a Co-Sponsor
3:10pmChair – Being a Co-Sponsor
3:20pmChair – Being a Step Group
3:30pmChair – Being a Step Group
3:45pm“Raised hand” sharing – (30 minutes) – (3 minutes each)
Close of workshop
(optional free form discussion and Zoom chat box open)

We have a script for the workshop, if that helps: all are welcome to read and comment: 

Workshop – Script

CoDA Documents used in Workshop

CoDA – Preamble
CoDA – Welcome
CoDA – 12 Steps
CoDA – 12 Traditions
CoDA – Safeguarding Policy

You can follow that link and post comments on the document. 

CoDA Org Sponsorship Resources

An account of Step Group – Coda World

Working Steps in a group

Coda Fellowship Forum Audio Recording

CoDA – Fellowship Forum – Audio recordings