Sponsorship Service

Are you willing to do a 10 minute Chair, giving your experience strength and hope (ESH) working the steps as a Sponsor, being Sponsored, working in a Step Group, as a Co-Sponsor?

Are you willing to do service to support the workshop? Opportunities for Service on the day:

  • Giving 10 minute chair
  • Being Chair Finder
  • Reading Script
  • Booking person to contact venue and secure place
  • Treasurer
  • Literature person (purchase it and sell it at the meeting)
  • Spiritual Timekeeper 
  • Door keeper, 
  • Greeter
  • Newcomers rep
  • Zoom host and co-hosts
  • Experienced coda member for each breakout room

The proposed script of the zoom version of the workshop is held at: 

Proposed Sponsorship script

You can follow that link and post comments on the document. 

We organize ourselves through a service committee, and we meet before the workshop to go through the script to see if it can be improved, and incorporate comments and suggestions. And decide who is going to do what.

If you would like to do a service position, or join the service committee, please email