Sponsorship Ideas

We are looking for CoDA groups/individuals to provide ideas/feedback on what has worked for them which we can share (anonymously) at our Sponsorship Workshop in London or via our Zoom Workshop.

We would also welcome suggestions on how we can move sponsorship forward in the UK. Is there something you would like us to try? All suggestions/ideas are welcome. Our email is:


Sponsorship Shout Out

If you are a sponsor looking for sponsees, then we would appreciate it if you could contact There are always lots of sponsees looking for sponsors and we can put you in touch with each other.


Working Steps 1, 2, 3

CoDA has produced a new thirty question tool to aid newcomers to begin working steps 1, 2, and 3.
Thirty Questions – Getting Started working the steps as easy as 123


Step Study groups

Step Study groups are groups of codependents working through the Twelve Steps (and often the Twelve Traditions) in a structured format, usually outside of a regular meeting.Step Study groups often have the same objectives as co-sponsors, but with more people, and members often make contact outside the group. Please see the Step Study Group section of the ORG for information and details on starting a Step Study Group. It is recommended that members do have sponsors outside of the Step Study Group, but the group work often inspires the desire to “go to all lengths” to find a sponsor.



Co-sponsoring occurs when two CoDA members sponsor each other. Co-sponsors meet or call regularly to share what they are learning about the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. They share experience, strength, and hope equally, growing in their own way and at their own pace.

As in all sponsor relationships, the recovery goal in CoDA co-sponsorship is to have a mutually beneficial relationship. Working the Steps, changing our behavior, and growing spiritually frees us from advising, controlling, and rescuing.

Co-sponsors may choose to have another CoDA member guide them, especially through difficult situations or when they get stuck.  Sometimes co-sponsorship is a good model for sponsorship when utilized in conjunction with a Step-Study Group.



The place to begin the search for a sponsor is often in your home group or local meetings. Some meetings offer a list of CoDA members willing to be sponsors (but many members who are eager and qualified to be sponsors are not on the list). Over a period of time we listen to these people when they share, perhaps spending some time with them after the meetings. It may take time to get to know someone well enough to consider them for a sponsor. It is important to remember that no sponsor is “perfect”, as our program teaches us that all people are “perfectly imperfect” human beings.

We may find ourselves in a group in which there are no members willing or able to sponsor. In this case we can travel to another CoDA group in the area or perhaps a regional CoDA event. Other options are to attend a phone or online meeting and try to find someone there with whom you identify.


Workshop #4

Sub title #4

Content #4


Workshop #3

Sub title #3

Content #3


Workshop #2

Sub title #2

Content #2


Workshop #1

Sub title #1

Content #1


Workshop materials

Did you know that the Sponsorship Workshop which takes place 4 times a year in London has been designed for groups to pick up and deliver wherever they are?

All the materials are available in the script; you will just need a couple of people to help with service. The Sponsorship Committee members are happy to assist and guide you. The workshop has also been held online temporarily and more details will be added on this soon.

Freely available to all CoDA members

Sponsorship Service

Are you willing to do a 10 minute Chair, giving your experience strength and hope (ESH) working the steps as a Sponsor, being Sponsored, working in a Step Group, as a Co-Sponsor?

Are you willing to do service to support the workshop? Opportunities for Service on the day:

  • Giving 10 minute chair
  • Being Chair Finder
  • Reading Script
  • Booking person to contact venue and secure place
  • Treasurer
  • Literature person (purchase it and sell it at the meeting)
  • Spiritual Timekeeper 
  • Door keeper, 
  • Greeter
  • Newcomers rep
  • Zoom host and co-hosts
  • Experienced coda member for each breakout room

The proposed script of the zoom version of the workshop is held at: 

Proposed Sponsorship script

You can follow that link and post comments on the document. 

We organize ourselves through a service committee, and we meet before the workshop to go through the script to see if it can be improved, and incorporate comments and suggestions. And decide who is going to do what.

If you would like to do a service position, or join the service committee, please email

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15th Aug – Sponsorship Workshop (Zoom)

CoDA UK will host the 2nd Zoom Sponsorship Workshop on Saturday, August 15th 2020. This event will be limited to the first 100 people who log-in. No registration is needed.

  • Numbers limited to 100 (by Zoom)
  • No registration required, first come first served
  • Doors open 12:30pm (meeting)
  • Workshop start 1pm

Zoom connection details – will be posted to all subscribers
Please email to be put on this mailing list.

CodaUK – Sponsorship Workshop Committee

Format of Sponsorship Workshop

Workshop 1 – One to One sponsorship1 ¼ hours
Starting with four chairs of 10 minutes
Sharing experience strength and hope (ESH)
– Questions at the end via “raised hand”
(Zoom chat box closed)
1:20pmChair – Sponsorship 1:1
1:30pmChair – Sponsorship 1:1
1:40pmChair – Sponsorsee 1:1
1:55pm “Raised hand” sharing(40 minutes)
15 minute break
(optional free form discussion and Zoom chat box open)

Workshop 2 – Co-Sponsorship and Step Groups – 1 hour
Starting with four chairs of 10 minutes
Sharing ESH instead of direct questions
3:00pmChair – Being a Co-Sponsor
3:10pmChair – Being a Co-Sponsor
3:20pmChair – Being a Step Group
3:30pmChair – Being a Step Group
3:45pm“Raised hand” sharing – (30 minutes) – (3 minutes each)
Close of workshop
(optional free form discussion and Zoom chat box open)

We have a script for the workshop, if that helps: all are welcome to read and comment: 

Workshop – Script

CoDA Documents used in Workshop

CoDA – Preamble
CoDA – Welcome
CoDA – 12 Steps
CoDA – 12 Traditions
CoDA – Safeguarding Policy

You can follow that link and post comments on the document. 

CoDA Org Sponsorship Resources

An account of Step Group – Coda World

Working Steps in a group

Coda Fellowship Forum Audio Recording

CoDA – Fellowship Forum – Audio recordings

News sponsorship

London Face to Face Sponsorship Workshop (Postponed) – Jan 2020

**** NOTE: Sponsorship workshops have been postponed following consideration of current health guidance ****

A copy of the latest sponsorship flyer with further details for our CoDA 2020 sponsorship workshops, including future dates, can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on this link:

CoDA Sponsorship Workshop dates 2020 Flyer

Are you looking for a sponsor?
Are you wondering if you’re ready to be a sponsor?
Are you interested in joining or setting up a step group?
Come along to listen and share your experience strength and hope about being a sponsee, a sponsor or being in a step group.
All our welcome.

Sponsorship Workshop Format:

Two separate CoDA meetings with a 15 minutes break
Only CoDA speakers.

Only CoDA approved literature.

No entrance fee.

7th Tradition collection at each meeting.
Surplus goes to Region.

Schedule on the day:
13:00 Meeting about One to One Sponsorship
14:30 Break
14:45 Meeting about Step Groups and Co-Sponsorship
15:45 Close. Self organising into sponsorship and step groups
16:00 Close

Venue: Waterloo Action Centre
Address: 14 Baylis Road, Lambeth, London, SE1 7AA

Some people have been able to find free parking nearby on previous Saturday workshops.

Are you willing to do a 10 minute Chair sharing your experience strength and hope (ESH) on working the steps? Or on being a CoDA Sponsor, or being Sponsored, working in a Step Group or as a Co-Sponsor?

For further queries, please email: