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*NEW* 4th November 2023 – National Service Committee

Time: 13:00-17:00, with fellowship time afterwards

CoDA UK is holding its next business meeting which is open to members from all the national meetings and representatives of regional groups.

Join us online/by phone to discuss national CoDA business. NSC Committee Members and Group Service Representatives (GSRs) are able to vote on any motions proposed. 

The meeting will follow the successful recent format, with 30 second shares from each member before a vote is taken, if one is required. Please note that there may not be enough time in the meeting to go through any written reports in detail so we ask all members to come prepared, having read the reports and agenda items in advance, so that we have time for questions, and sharing and reflection during each agenda item. Papers will be circulated at least a week in advance.

Please note, the minute taker will record any votes and actions, which we will review at the end of the meeting. Any references to individuals are on a first name basis only. If you do not wish to be mentioned by name in the minutes, please make this clear to the minute taker.

There is no requirement to attend the whole meeting – feel free to drop in at any time during the day. We ask that you put your name and home group (if you have one) in the chat, and please mention if you’re a GSR so we can keep track of the voting entity for any items which require a vote.

Agenda items and reports

To submit an item for the meeting (a report, a proposal, a query), please download and complete the relevant section of this form. Email it to by the closing date of Friday 20th October 2023.

Reports will be published here on or before 28th October 2023.

Important point – please read through the reports before attending the meeting. We have a lot of business to attend to and there may not be time to go through every report in detail during the meeting, so it’s important that members have some understanding of what’s being discussed in advance – especially those who can vote (NSC committee members, GSRs and anyone voted by their group to be acting GSR for the day).

NSC Agenda
NSC Agenda Items
NSC – CSC Report – Emma W – Primary Contact
CoDA North & Regions – Minutes

Please join the zoom call just before 1pm.

Join Zoom meeting 

Meeting ID: 857 1637 8916
Password: 874688

Or dial on one of the numbers below
+44 330 088 5830, +44 131 460 1196 , +44 20 3481 5237,
+44 20 3481 5240, +44 20 8080 6591, +44 20 8080 6592

Everyone is welcome to attend, so please share this communication at your groups. 

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 4th November.

Previous meeting minutes are published here.

The following agreed proposals from recent NSC meetings may guide us in our service:

20th March 2021 NSC meeting
Agenda item 1 – That the minutes to NSC meetings be limited to the proposals/votes only and relevant committee member’s reports detailing business information e.g. Treasurer’s Report/PI/Hospitals and Institutions.
The minutes will include ‘dissenting voices’ which will be specifically relayed to the secretary after the vote; the comments will be attributed to the member who made them.
Abstain – 0
Against – 0
In favour – 15 Motion carried

5th December 2020 NSC meeting
Agenda item 15 – For this and the next NSC meeting we go with a majority vote i.e. the total of the in-favour votes is greater than the sum of the against and abstentions. The total of the votes is based on how many people are in the meeting and eligible to vote. Abstentions are made as members don’t have the confidence to make a yes or no decision
so need to be accounted for. 
Abstain – 1
Against – 0
In favour – 9 Motion carried

5th December 2020 NSC meeting – Agenda item 7
Propose that when discussions diverge away from the agenda item, the Chair can clarify with the sharer the new discussion point and raise it as an independent AOB item added to the end of the meeting or a sub-
committee to discuss the item and report back to the NSC.
Abstain – 2
Against – 0
In favour – 8 Motion carried