30th Oct – North Region Intergroup ‘Home Group Workshop’

Saturday 30th October 2021

1.45pm for 2pm until 5pm on Zoom

CoDA UK’s North Region Intergroup is trying something new for our next quarterly meeting.

A CoDA member said that a healthy regional group is a “Home Group for Home Groups“.

We would like to explore this concept together in Fellowship.

The meeting is open to all members, including Group Service Representatives (GSRs) and newcomers alike. We are inviting CoDA members from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and the North of England and Midlands to join us for an afternoon of fellowship and sharing online on Zoom.

We can raise any concerns, problems or questions from our Home Group, or individually, to share with each other about our experiences of attending a CoDA meeting, Step Groups, Sponsoring/looking for a Sponsor and especially sharing our experiences during the disruptions of the past many months at these most difficult of times.

In this Workshop we can find new opportunities to broaden our Recovery in the Fellowship of CoDA. We can bring news and views from our local meetings that are important to us, where we will be heard in an atmosphere of love, friendship and fellowship and where it will be a safe space to hear or share our Experience, Strength and Hope of CoDA Recovery.

We will be using breakout rooms during the workshop so we can meet and chat with members from other meetings in smaller groups, and then all come back together as a whole group in order to share all the issues and ideas presented: a melting pot of ideas and initiatives to strengthen our CoDA Fellowship and support each other with our own experience, strength and hope carrying us through to our happy road to recovery from codependency and to encourage inclusivity.

The workshop will be held in a relaxed and informal way, following the CoDA Preamble, Welcome, Steps & Traditions, and other CoDA meeting literature.

Some literature it might be useful for groups and members to read together with their Home groups and have in mind when you attend the workshop are:

Building CoDA Community: Healthy Meetings Matter

Carrying the Message: Living the Twelfth Step

Common Threads of Codependency

Codependency & Recovery – The Differences 
Codependency & Recovery – The Differences

Join us on Zoom:

ID: 821 1636 4363

Password: 732740

Come and join us in what promises to be an exciting and helpful experience in CoDA Recovery.

All members – newcomers, seasoned CoDA members, GSRs etc – are welcome.

We look forward to seeing you on 30th October!

In gratitude, love, fellowship and service 

CoDA North Region Intergroup