23rd April 2022 – CoDA Online Workshop

Working the steps in CoDA;
exploring different Sponsorship approaches

Saturday 23rd April, 1.00 – 3.30 London (UK time) (8am EST)
(doors open 12.30, there will be a 15 minute comfort break)

CoDA UK NSC is inviting you is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting

Topic: CoDA Quarterly sponsorship workshop

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Meeting ID: 351 424 5975
Passcode: traditions

Coda UK NSC – Sponsorship Committee

Are you looking for a sponsor?

Are you wondering if you’re ready to be a sponsor?

Are you looking for new sponsees?

Come along to listen and share experience, strength and hope about being a sponsee, a sponsor or being a co-sponsor.
This workshop is an introduction to the various ways of sponsorship, and not necessarily the place where you will find a sponsor. People will share how they found a sponsor. You have to do your part. Finding a sponsor is an active process within Recovery. We have to investigate our own route to acquiring a sponsor through attending weekly meetings, doing service in a home group and joining WhatsApp groups (see below).

No Registration required to attend this event. Zoom limit of 100 people

Next date: these workshops will run quarterly and future dates will be shared.

Format: A CoDA meeting with a 15 minute break.
Only CoDA speakers. Only CoDA approved literature.
No entrance fee. 7th Tradition donated to National Committee.

Opportunities for Service on the day:

  • Giving 10 minute chair about being a Sponsor, Sponsee, Co-Sponsor
  • Being Chair Finder
  • Reading Script
  • Booking person to contact venue and secure place
  • Spiritual Timekeeper
  • Greeter
  • Newcomers rep

If you would like to do service, please email

You can email and request a printed, pdf or .doc version, and be put on the mailing list of future workshops.

We have a script for the workshop, if that helps: all are welcome to read and comment: 

Workshop – Script

CoDA Org Sponsorship Resources

An account of Step Group – Coda World

Working Steps in a group

Safeguarding Policy

Coda Fellowship Forum Audio Recording

CoDA – Fellowship Forum – Audio recordings

CoDA Endorsed Literature
CoDA – blue book: < US – CoRE > < UK / EU > <eBook sample >
CoDA – green book: < US – CoRE > < UK / EU >