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17th Jul – Fear vs Love (Founders Share)

Global Conversation with Ken & Mary – 14:00 BST

Ken R. and Mary R. founded Co-Dependents Anonymous in 1986. Today, they specialize in helping people achieve their maximum effectiveness by applying the practices and principles of CoDA’s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.

The Q&A (question and answer period) will provide a question from each language to be asked on a first come first serve basis. There will be a round robin of one question per language. Submit your question to your Interpreter who will submit the translation to Events. English speaking attendees can give their question to Events directly. There will be further instructions in the morning to help connect to the Interpretation channels, and more.  

For safety, registration is a 2-Step process with Eventbrite and then with Zoom. Please expect a Zoom Invitation to REGISTER A SECOND TIME before the event. COMPLETE the ZOOM REGISTRTIO and the Zoom Webinar link to the Global Conversation with Ken & Mary will be sent to your email before 17th July.

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Translation will be available in Farsi, French, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Portuguese.

This World Event will have 9 languages being interpreted in a consecutive style which means the presenter will speak then pause (meaning the English room will be silent) to give time for the Interpreters to convey their message in the Zoom interpretation channels. This speak and pause method will occur for the duration of their talks and the Q&A.