CoDA Connections – New submissions

Call For New Submissions!

Have Weekly Readings and Meeting in Print been helpful or thought-provoking for you?

Consider submitting your story and sharing your insight with other CoDA members!

How has CoDA changed your life? Sharing your experience, strength and hope may help thousands of codependents still suffering. Everybody in CoDA has a recovery story to tell.

Please email:

Some Possible Topics: (Could include, but not limited to!)

  1. Sharing Strength and Hope
    How CoDA and the 12 Steps have made a positive impact
  1. Lessons Learned
    Lessons learned while you’ve been working the CoDA program
  1. Working the 12 Steps
    Your experience working one or more of the 12 Steps
  1. Affirmations
    Original affirmations you may have come up with
  1. Recovery – Tips and Techniques
    Helpful Tips and techniques, which are in line with our traditions and documents.
  1. Words of Wisdom
    What are some of your favorite sayings? How about submitting your own?
  1. Other Thoughts
    Observations, perspectives, etc

(We ask that no submissions or articles violate the letter or spirit of the 12 Steps or 12 Traditions. We also request that authors refrain from using second party “You” statements, and stick to first person “I” statements.)

We look forward to hearing from you.

In Service,

The CoDA Co-NNections Committee (Weekly Readings and Meeting in Print)