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Shared with thanks to South California region of Co Dependents Anonymous

The Southern California Region of Co-Dependents Anonymous provides a bridge between the many SoCalCoDA Communities and the CoDA World Fellowship. We are dedicated to all co-dependents who still suffer and have a desire for healthy and loving relationships.

1 – Finding Joy– Heidi A

2 – Christmas in June – Darcie D C
3 – The Journey to finding heaven within – Jeff L
4 – LGBTQIA+ in recovery – Arielle S
5 – My Subconscious cant take a joke – Barbara L
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6 – Tools to maintain balance in my life – Theresa B
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7 – Seeing my higher self through friendship – Thuy K & Darlene H
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8 – Setting priorities through calendaring – Vanessa C
9 – Cultural Codependence – when cultures clash with recovery – Isabella Y

Please note that all presentations are shared “experience, strength and hope” (ESH) from individuals who are CoDA members who have signed agreements to follow the CoDA 12 Steps and Traditions.  Individual opinions or views are not necessarily endorsed by Co Dependents Anonymous.  Take what you like and leave the rest. 

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