Public Liability Insurance Service Position

CoDA UK takes out an annual policy for groups requiring Public Liability Insurance for their venue. The cost of the policy is shared amongst the groups who need it at a considerable saving to the fellowship compared to groups sourcing Insurance policies individually. 

The Service position holder agrees the policy premium with an insurance provider and fulfils the associated administration (mindful of GDPR) which includes maintaining the venue list , communicating with the NSC Treasurer regarding premiums, overseeing the PLI email account addressing queries from Meetings and providing ongoing updates on the policy to the NSC committee.

The new holder of the position would be given a briefing regarding contact details of the insurance company and of the meetings that subscribe to the policy.

The time commitment is in the region of 6 hours when the premium requires renewal and then ongoing input replying to emails and updating spreadsheets which is fairly minimal. 

This is a service position on the National Service Committee so requires a person to have attended 3 NSC meetings 

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