Public Information

Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the codependent who still suffers.

CoDA – Tradition 5

“Public information” / “outreach” are terms used to identify approved procedures for reaching out to professionals, institutions, and the public at large. 

There are a host of ways any member can offer service… offering as much or as little time as is available:

CoDA Chair
– sharing at length isn’t for everyone, but if you feel like you could offer your time sharing as a chair – you can reach out to one of the CoDA networks – including the CoDA Chair Finders group.
Find out more – from the “Chair Finders” team

CoDA Share
– sharing ESH (Experience Strength and Hope) – in a meeting; being present and sharing your truth with the meeting – is just one example to offer your time to the programme.

– reaching out to professionals, who often identify codependents among their clients. Sharing information about CoDA’s message of recovery and its potential role as a support to codependents.
Information for Professionals
Free CoDA leaflets 
Cover letter (sample)

Member shares
– We’re looking for submissions! We want your personal stories & poems reflecting experience, strength & hope in your recovery from codependency (recovery in other 12 Step programmes may be mentioned peripherally, but not as the focus please).
CoDA Member shares

– either locally by sharing your details with new members or across the country via one of the online channels set up to support recovery.
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– added to public noticeboards – possible locations include: libraries, community centres, churches, community boards (in commercial spaces e.g. supermarket)

– reach out to one of the teams looking for support in your region
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In order to carry the message, we must give back what has been given to us and often members of Twelve Step fellowships choose to sponsor.  We also can support sponsorship in our local or regional groups by facilitating opportunities to learn about sponsorship.
Sponsor a newcomer at a CoDA Meeting
Support sponsorship workshops

Start a meeting
– find a venue or decide on a platform to run an online meeting, then register your meeting on the website following the instructions here.

If you’d like to start a new meeting but would like to appeal for fellow members to come forward to help you first, we can list your request. Please email with your first name, the area where you’d like to start a meeting and your contact number and/or email address so that members can get in touch with you. 
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If you wish to obtain further information about CoDA UK for use in any publication or public material, please make sure that you contact us at first so that we can inform you of our policy of Anonymity and the Traditions that relate to any use of the CoDA UK name by outside sources.

Welcoming newcomers
– both a role at CoDA meetings, but also an opportunity – open to all, no matter how long you’ve spent in the rooms.