Outreach support- Member Networks

‘Outreach’ is the term used for many of the ways to carry the message of recovery, by reaching out to others, sharing our recoveries, and supporting one another. In this group, it means timed shares or phone calls with another CoDA member.”

The admins on the Outreach channels are looking to request support from experienced members to cover a series of positions including:

Newcomers Reps

  • Pasting the welcome document once a day or longer when someone joins the group.
  • Make sure you don’t paste when there’s someone waiting for an outreach response. Your pasting can make their request invisible.

Admins –

  • Your role is helping handle potential member complaints and raised safety issues. Other than that the group runs itself.

Secretary –

  • Keeping Welcome and GC document up to date
  • Posting the Welcome document each day that has had a new person join.
  • Answering comments on the document and incorporating changes.
  • Participating in Admin Group to read posts and see changes suggested there, incorporate if agreed.
  • Responding to comments and posts with lessons learned in the past. 
  • Perhaps write the lessons learned in this Intergroup document. 
  • Perhaps the Secretary of the Admin Outreach Group will write up the lessons learned for the Admins, so that new Admins can learn from our mistakes.
  • Handover to the next Secretary 

Email responder –

  • Answer emails from newcomers giving them joining links to the appropriate WhatsApp groups. Coda UK has put an email address, rather than public joining link, for the WhatsApp groups.

You can join many of these whatsapp channels via Member Networks