LSER Sponsorship – Member Networks

The LSER Sponsorship committee is currently supporting two active WhatsApp groups, one for Outreach and one for Step Group formation. There is a dormant group to support would be Sponsors.

Two WhatsApp groups are looking for experienced Coda members to do service to support newcomers. Each group is looking for male and female newcomers reps.

Outreach Group – is looking for experienced Coda members to answer outreach calls to share the message of recovery, Experience Strength and Hope through working the steps and attending meetings.

The length of these service positions is proposed to be a month in rotation.

If you’re interested in doing this service, please join the groups, and make yourself known when you feel comfortable in the groups.

A discussion of these groups is on the agenda for the next Regional meeting in January.
yours, in fellowship,

Step Group Formation – have recently been updated following a group conscience meeting.

You can join either of these groups by following the links on Member Networks