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Seventh Tradition donations
Meetings’ Seventh Tradition donations to the CoDA UK service structure can be made by PayPal or bank transfer to the CoDA UK bank account.

Please email the CoDA NSC treasurer at to request the CoDA UK NSC account and PayPal details. Add “Donations + your group name” in the subject line.

You will receive an email with the PayPal link, and bank sort code & account number to which your meeting’s donation will be gratefully received.

Anonymising 7th Tradition PayPal Donations
(Aug 23 – Short Version (PDF) (DOCX)
(Feb 23 – Long Version)

This is a short guide for treasurers of CoDA groups in the UK wishing to set up a PayPal account in their group name rather than their own personal name. We hope it serves to help protect anonymity and aid in complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The new email address (used for PayPal 7th Tradition fund) could also be used as the group email address.

Steps to setting up a PayPal account using a new email account:

  1. Create a new email account using your group name. Do not set up email verification at this point. Just use your telephone number.
  2. Use your telephone number to receive the codes.
  3. Eg: First name: Oxford
  4. Eg: Surname: SixThirty
  5. Eg. Email address:
  6. Eg. Password: Oxford630
  7. Create a new PayPal account using your group name
  8. Use the same first and last name as in the email account
  9. Use the same email address as used for the email account. Enter your own address and birth date.
  10. Choose a different password for PayPal [very important] from the one used for the email account. eg. Di44eR84n7£
    When completed, set up a verification email for the gmail account, so that others with access to the group email may view the email verification emails for the group email account. Share the passwords to your committee members for the email accounts, but do not share the password for the PayPal account.
    The PayPal password can be shared to the next treasurer, who must change the password when the outgoing treasurer rotates out of service.
  11. Before closing your group’s old PayPal account, download transactions (to keep an historic record)
  12. Transfer all funds from your old PayPal account (which was in your personal name) to this new one (in the group name). You do not need to connect a bank, but you can if you wish.
  13. Create a link and share it to your group.

Does your group require Public Liability Insurance? Read more about this here.

In the spirit of Tradition Six, CoDA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organisation or institution, and in the spirit of Tradition Ten, neither expresses nor opposes any opinion.