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19th Nov 2022 – Interim Business Meeting – CoDA North Region

The CoDA UK North and Regions intergroup committee invites you to attend the upcoming interim business meeting on the 19th November 2022 10:30 – 12:30 on Zoom.

Zoom details for each meeting:

Meeting ID: 852 0891 0153
Passcode: 176130

For any further information

During the meeting on 22nd October we appointed many new service roles, including:

  • Chair: Philip F.
  • Co-Chair: Mari H.
  • Secretary: Serina K.
  • Treasurer: Tina G.
  • Literature: Jane B. & Ciara W.
  • Technology and Comms: Pete H.
  • Workshops & Retreats: Gillian A., Pete H. & Noddfa Retreat Committee

It was also decided that any meetings outside of the current UK LSER (London and South East Region) are welcome to join this intergroup.

All are welcome to join us, GSRs and members alike, to discuss retreats, events, services for members, and representing the voice of CoDA UK members at the CoDA service conference.

This meeting will be in part to help set the agenda for the regular January 2023 intergroup business meeting and moving to running the business meeting in the morning with a workshop in the afternoon reading CoDA literature.

We hope you can join us and together we can provide ever greater service to CoDA members.