About CoDA

Free CoDAUK Posters

Tradition Five : “Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to other co-dependents who still suffer”

This can be done by:

Placing CoDA posters on public noticeboards in our local area
Possible location include: libraries, community centres, churches, community boards (in commercial spaces e.g. supermarket)

Draft CoDAUK Posters

Leave copies of the free CoDA leaflets – signed off internationally – with your local surgery (downloadable below)
Am I Codependent?
CoDA Canada – Tools of Recovery
Recovery from Codependence – An Introduction
What is CoDA?
Welcome to Co-Dependents Anonymous
Your First Meeting

Tradition Eleven: “Out public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion”
We do not advertise our meetings in the usual sense – we simply circulate basic information with a call to action to visit the CoDAUK website. We let people know we are here and then we respect each person’s right to decide for themselve if CoDA is right for them.