Sponsorship in CoDA: 2007 Workshop

Sponsorship in CoDA – Workshop held in Birmingham 21/4/07

I am a recovering codependent who normally attends the Birmingham Branch of CoDA, and the following relates my experience of the above workshop. There were two speakers: Emma, who shared her experience of individual sponsorship, and Hilary, who shared her experience of co-sponsorship. Kay, the speaker on group sponsorship, could not be at the workshop so sent her written account to be read out.

There was some discussion following the talks, when both speakers mentioned how healing the sponsoring relationship can be, in terms of providing an opportunity for identification with another person, and the feelings of reassurance and acceptance that this can give. It can really relieve the feelings of isolation and shame that many codependents carry. For myself, I came away with the realisation that by setting clear boundaries for oneself, it makes it easier for the other person to define themselves. And, I guess, that the ideal sponsor-sponsee relationship can provide a blueprint for managing all relationships – within CoDA and outside. 

Individual Sponsorship

Sponsorship in CoDA – Workshop held in Birmingham 21/4/07 The speaker began by stating how the role of sponsor in a one-to-one situation is a GIFT from recovery; ideally a mutual and balanced relationship and very much a two-way street. The sponsored member may have much to give. She clarified the role of the sponsor […]

Group Sponsorship

Sharing the Experience, Strength and Hope I’ve Found in a CoDA Step Work Group My name is Kay and I’m a recovering co-dependent. I have been in the fellowship for just under three years. I joined the fellowship following a bad break-up which left me broken spiritually, untrusting of my own judgement and merits and […]


Sponsorship in CoDA – Workshop held in Birmingham 21/4/07 The speaker described how she had been in CoDA for around 3-4 years, following sponsoring in another 12 step fellowship. There was a lack of available sponsors, and the co-sponsoring relationship was set up in the light of this. She described the ‘mechanics’ of the relationship, […]