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Sponsorship in CoDA: 2020

Frank – Sponsorship Committee Host – Aug 2020

I remember when I started in CoDA, it took me a long time to find a home group where I felt at home. When I found that group, I hid out on the back row, not talking to anyone, escaping at the end of the serenity prayer. It took me a long time to realize I could talk to people after. And longer after that to start doing service.

I would recommend finding a CoDA group on Zoom which suits you, where it feels like home, where you can hear shares of Experience, Strength and Hope.

Once there, and you hear someone share who you identify with, reach out to them through the chat box when sharing ends. I’m finding this WhatsApp group a learning experience.

We don’t really have trusted servants here with roles. There are a few admins. I’m one. We don’t have newcomers reps etc. I think we’re still finding our feet.

I do service on the committee for the sponsorship workshop which is running on Zoom now too.

In the meantime, I’ve just seen this page for newcomers: and this page on the same site for sponsorship:

Some people are successful in their search for a sponsor through Outreach. I attended face to face meetings many years ago and found someone there who was willing to sponsor me.

I chose him because I could hear his recovery in his shares, and he could hear my willingness to work the steps in my shares. You might be able to do this in the online meetings.

I have also seen many people join step groups, who couldn’t find sponsors. The step group lets all the participants work the steps together.

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of Fellowship always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.