CoDA Retreat Shares (2021)

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2021 Online retreat – March 2021 – Power of Connections through Loving and Healthy Relationships or Service

1 – Let it begin with me– Liz vR

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3 – Couple in Recovery – Evie S / Leo C
4 – What would I be doing if I wasnt so afraid? – Karen D

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5 – Prayer circles in the air – Judi P

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7 – Low self esteem patterns, compliance, and denial patterns – Dakota M
8 – CoDA – It Works! – Tonya B
9 – In this moment… (video) – Tameeka
10 – (Portugese) – Codependence and Spiritual Misery – Sindai

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11 – (Spanish) – ¿Que Estas Haciendo Con Tu Vida? – Pilar G

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