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7th May 2022 – NSC meeting

Time: 12:50 for 13.00-17:00

In recent years, the National Service Committee (NSC) of CoDA UK has flourished, with members filling most of the available service positions. However, due to personal circumstances, several committee members have recently had to step down from their roles, and this means there are a number of vacant positions, which could have an impact on the work of the NSC. 

Available roles are now all listed on the website here: and you can see the full list of committee roles here:

To take account of all these changes and ensure the health of the NSC, it has been agreed by members that we will hold an open Group Inventory to look at the NSC and its work at our next scheduled meeting on 7th May. Everyone in the fellowship is welcome to attend. 

The format for this session is included in the attached agenda and the meeting will be chaired by Andy from the London and South East Region.  

Please join the zoom call just before 1pm

Join Zoom meeting 

Meeting ID: 857 1637 8916
Password: 874688

Or dial on one of the numbers below
+44 330 088 5830, +44 131 460 1196 , +44 20 3481 5237,
+44 20 3481 5240, +44 20 8080 6591, +44 20 8080 6592

Everyone is welcome to join, so please do share this communication at your groups. 

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 7th May. 

Agenda ItemStart TimeEnd Time
1. Welcome, moment’s silence, Preamble, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Service Concepts and sharing guidelines. Reminder of 30 second time out with serenity prayer if anyone requests. Appointment of a spiritual timekeeper. 20 mins1 PM1:20 PM
2. Introductions and Feelings check.
20 mins
1:20 PM1:40 PM
3. Request for a member to take minutes and voting entity established and appointment of a spiritual timekeeper
10 mins
1:40 PM1:50 PM
4. Discussion of mission statement for NSC. Consider the purpose of the NSC as an entity of CoDA UK.
60 mins
1:50 PM2:50 PM
10 minute break2:50
3:00 PM
5. Inventory of NSC service work in progress and forward look at work planned but not yet started/ put on hold . What subcommittees/activities are currently active/healthy with members in service? What work is essential for the UK fellowship to continue? What can stay on hold until members come forward to serve?
60 mins
3:00 PM4:00 PM
6. Service positions available – Nominations, discussions and votes. 20 mins

All available positions: 
Plus 1-2 CSC reps/alternates (no job description available) 
4 PM4:20 PM
7. Consider any legal requirements of the NSC if it’s to gain charity status. Agree next steps for the NSC based on the outcome of items 4,5 & 6 30 mins4:20 PM4:50 PM
8. Agree actions onscreen so minutes can be circulated straight away 5 mins4:50 PM4:55 PM
9. Close – Promises and long form Serenity Prayer
5 mins
4:55 PM5 PM

The following agreed proposals from recent NSC meetings may guide us in our service:

20th March 2021 NSC meeting
Agenda item 1 – That the minutes to NSC meetings be limited to the proposals/ votes only and relevant committee member’s reports detailing business information e.g. Treasurer’s Report/ PI/ Hospitals and Institutions.
The minutes will include ‘dissenting voices’ which will be specifically relayed to the secretary after the vote; the comments will be attributed to the member who made them.
Abstain – 0
Against – 0
In favour – 15 – motion carried

5th December 2020 NSC meeting
Agenda item 15  – For this and the next NSC meeting we go with a majority vote i.e. the total of the in-favour votes is greater than the sum of the against and abstentions. The total of the votes is based on how many people are in the meeting and eligible to vote. Abstentions are made as members don’t have the confidence to make a yes or no decision
so need to be accounted for. 
Abstain – 1
Against – 0
In favour – 9 Motion carried

5th December 2020 NSC meeting – Agenda item 7
Propose that when discussions diverge away from the agenda item, the Chairman can clarify with the sharer the new discussion point and raise it as an independent AOB item added to the end of the meeting or a sub-
committee to discuss the item and report back to the NSC.
Abstain – 2
Against – 0
In favour – 8 – motion carried

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25th-26th June – CoDA 24 hour event

25th June 5pm (GMT) – 26th June 5pm (GMT)
(25th June Noon (EST) – 26th June Noon EST)
Be a part of this major 24 Hour World CoDA Event

We are looking for:

  • coordinators/organizers – you can represent your time zone/country, be
    part of planning committee and have more involvement in the event
  • speakers/workshop leaders – if you want to share your story or organize a
    workshop (1-2 hour timeslots)
  • hosts (who may select cohosts) – managing zoom and breakout rooms
  • session facilitators – reading script, calling on people, introducing speakers
  • interpreters to fill all time slots – do volunteer to help coda reach different

If you have any questions, please contact:
Katja F:
LeSha C:
Mahima C:
Sara J:

A Upcoming Events B News Homepage News

17th July – CoDA Online Sponsorship Workshop

Working the steps in Coda;
Exploring different Sponsorship approaches.

Sunday 17th July, 1.00 – 3.30 London (UK time) (8am EST)
(doors open 12.30, there will be a 15 minute comfort break)

  • Are you looking for a sponsor?
  • Are you wondering if you’re ready to be a sponsor?
  • Are you looking for new sponsees?

Come along to listen and share experience, strength and hope about being a sponsee, a sponsor or a co-sponsor.

This workshop is an introduction to the various ways of sponsorship, and not necessarily the place where you will find a sponsor. People will share how they found a sponsor. You have to do your part. Finding a sponsor is an active process within Recovery. We have to investigate our own route to acquiring a sponsor through attending weekly meetings, doing service in a home group and joining WhatsApp groups (see below).

No registration is required to attend this event. Zoom limit of 100 people

Format: A CoDA meeting with a 15 minute break. Only CoDA speakers. Only CoDA approved literature.

No entrance fee. 7th Tradition donated to your home group.

Joining Details:

CoDA UK NSC is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting

Subject: CoDA Quarterly sponsorship workshop

Join Zoom meeting

Are you willing to do service to support the workshop?

Opportunities for Service before the workshop and on the day include:

  • Being Chair Finder
  • Being a co-host for the next workshop
  • Reading the Script
  • Spiritual Timekeeper
  • Greeter
  • Newcomers rep
  • Treasurer
  • Being on the Quarterly Sponsorship Workshop Committee

The quarterly sponsorship workshop committee plans and facilitates these workshops through a group conscience process – we meet monthly on the 4th Saturday of the month from 5.00-6.00pm – everyone is welcome to attend.

Next meetings are: Sat 28th May 5-6 pm & 25th June 5-6pm

If you would like to volunteer for service, please email

Following workshop date: Saturday 8th October 1.00-3.30

We have a script for the workshop (working document), if that helps: all are welcome to read and comment:

Zoom Script Sponsorship April 2022.docx

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CoDA Connections – New submissions

Call For New Submissions!

Have Weekly Readings and Meeting in Print been helpful or thought-provoking for you?

Consider submitting your story and sharing your insight with other CoDA members!

How has CoDA changed your life? Sharing your experience, strength and hope may help thousands of codependents still suffering. Everybody in CoDA has a recovery story to tell.

Please email:

Some Possible Topics: (Could include, but not limited to!)

  1. Sharing Strength and Hope
    How CoDA and the 12 Steps have made a positive impact
  1. Lessons Learned
    Lessons learned while you’ve been working the CoDA program
  1. Working the 12 Steps
    Your experience working one or more of the 12 Steps
  1. Affirmations
    Original affirmations you may have come up with
  1. Recovery – Tips and Techniques
    Helpful Tips and techniques, which are in line with our traditions and documents.
  1. Words of Wisdom
    What are some of your favorite sayings? How about submitting your own?
  1. Other Thoughts
    Observations, perspectives, etc

(We ask that no submissions or articles violate the letter or spirit of the 12 Steps or 12 Traditions. We also request that authors refrain from using second party “You” statements, and stick to first person “I” statements.)

We look forward to hearing from you.

In Service,

The CoDA Co-NNections Committee (Weekly Readings and Meeting in Print)

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Open Service Positions

A CoDA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions

Tradition 7

Why is service part of recovery?

Those who have gone before us recognize that service is critical to recovery and is part of the Twelfth step. Service work is a place to practice recovery skills and extend our recovery to new areas of our lives. At the group level, CoDA members carry the message in many ways, by sharing in meetings, speaking to newcomers (with a focus on providing information rather than giving advice) and trying to adhere to CoDA principles in meetings and elsewhere in their lives. Members can start practicing these types of service from early on in their recovery.

Find out more

Available NSC Service Positions

Full list of NSC service positions

It was agreed at the November 2021 NSC meeting that all the vacant positions could be shared by more than one member, and a full handover will be given by the outgoing member in service.

Full post descriptions open in new tabs – click below to find out more:

Voting Entities for CSC
Charity trustees – to be voted in May 2022

Teams seeking service support

CoDA Unity Committee (UK Speaker Series)
London South East Region – Committee
NSC – Public Information Committee
NSC – Sponsorship Committee
NSC – Web Committee
North Region – (N England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
Outreach support – Member Networks
Sponsorship – via Member Networks

Other opportunities

Join a CoDA Member Network
Offer service at your home group
Sponsor a newcomer
Start a new CoDA Meeting
Submit a CoDA Share

See also

Home Group – Service Positions

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Public Liability Insurance 2022-2023

Is your group returning to Face to Face meetings after lockdown? 

Does the lease for your venue require your group to have public liability insurance?

If a meeting member had an accident at your venue and made a claim
Who would the claim be made against? Who would be liable to pay?

Without public liability insurance, the person who signs the lease on behalf of the group is personally liable to meet all costs in the event of a claim.

Did you know that CoDA UK holds a group Public Liability Insurance Policy which is significantly cheaper than groups can get individually?

If you would like more information or would like your group to be included on this policy, please send an email to:

A Upcoming Events B News Homepage News Share

CoDA Fellowship Forum – event (and shares)

Hosted by CoDA Communications Committee

Join us for CoDA Member shares
with time for questions and fellowship

WHEN: Last Saturday of every month:
8 PM (GMT-UK),12 PM (PT), 1 PM (MT), 2 PM (CT) and 3 PM (ET),Sun. 7am (AEST-Aus)

Join Zoom Meeting!
Meeting ID: 997 1221 0733

Sign up for event reminders!

© Codependents Anonymous, inc 2018-2020

This podcast is the property of CoDependents Anonymous.  

Reproduction without written permission from CoDependents Anonymous is not permitted.

CoDA Fellowship Forums purpose is to share information with any & all CoDA members, especially that which may effect CoDA as a whole.

CoDA Fellowship Forum send out regular emails with CoDA events, announcements, issues & CoDA business of interest to both specific regions & to the entire CoDA fellowship.

Per the 2nd tradition, For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority, a loving higher power as expressed to our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern. Developing a group conscience requires an informed fellowship, & to be effective trusted servants those you’ve elected must know the group conscience of the fellowship.

Apr 30th – Boundaries & Jealousy
Mar 26th – The 12 Promises
Feb 26th –
Trauma Bonding
Jan 29th – Forgiveness & Acceptance

Dec 25th – Anonymity – David A
Nov 27th – Gratitude – James K
Oct 30th – My First CoDA Meeting – David A
Sept 25th – Intentions vs Actions – What is my authentic self? – David A
Aug 28th – Willingness – David A, Jim K
July 31st – Hope – David A
June 24th – Spirituality – Facilitator – David A; Speaker – James K
May 24th – Dealing with Change – How to the Principles & Guides Help Me?
Apr 24th – Let’s Talk About the Power of Pause – “What is 30 seconds?”
Mar 27th – Silver Linings
Feb 27th –
Let’s Talk About: Service

Dec 19thLet’s Talk About: How Do I Feel?
Nov 28th – Let’s Talk About: Gratitude
Oct 31 – Let’s Talk About: How To Deal With Fear
Sept 26 – Let’s Talk About: Sponsorship
July 25 – Let’s Talk About: Inner Child
June 27 – Let’s Talk About: Writing for CoDA   
May 30 – Step 12 – Service (Open Sharing)
Apr 18 – When Life Gives You Lemons…CoDA Tools to Use –
Mar 28 – Speaking My Truth Was Liberating
Feb 29 – The Twelve Service Concepts, Spiritual Guidelines, Alive & Strong

( View full index of – fellowship forum shares)
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UK Speaker Recordings – Co-Dependence Matters

Sessions are run most Saturdays by the group

Saturday, 7pm (GMT)
Join Zoom meeting: (NEW LINK)

Meeting ID : 87616355527
Password: 861572

Where recordings are taken – theyre anonymized to remove names of attendees.

These recordings are made freely available for use by all CoDA groups and members and may be used and redistributed for free maintaining attribution to the speaker event organisers.

May you find what you need from the recordings.

1 – 8th Aug 20 – Christina
2 – 22nd Aug 20 – On Service
3 – 29th Aug 20 – Heidi
4 – Charlie
5 – 24th Oct 20 – John
6 – 7th Nov 20 – Andy
7 – 31st Oct 20 – Frank – Steps
8 – 31st Oct 20 – Frank – Traditions
9 – 10th Oct 20 – V
10 – 21st Nov 20 – Lyn
11 – 16th Jan – Ken R – Founder CoDA
12 – 23rd Jan – Mary R – Founder CoDA
13 – Susan
14 – Emily
15 – Penny P
16 – Scott
17 – Lennie
18 – Alice
19 – Frank – Sponsorship
20 – Heidi – Shame
21 – Richard and Karen – traditions 1 to 4 of the 12 piece relationship toolkit
22 – Heidi – Self Parenting
23 – Richard and Karen – traditions 5 to 8 of the 12 piece relationship toolkit
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1st May 2021 – NSC Quarterly meeting

Time: 12:50 for 13.00-17:00

CoDA UK is holding its quarterly business meeting which is open to members from all the national meetings and representatives of regional groups.

Join us online/by phone to discuss national CoDA business and share news from your groups. Group Service Representatives (GSRs) are able to vote on any motions proposed. 

The meeting will follow the successful recent format of 10 minutes per agenda item, with 30 second shares from each member before a vote is taken, if one is required. Please note that there is not enough time in the meeting to go through the written reports in detail so we ask all members to come prepared, having read the reports and agenda items in advance, so that we have time for questions in section 5, and sharing and reflection during each agenda item.

One paper will follow during the week and this will be added below.

We ask members to consider agenda item 3 to see if they can offer service at this meeting – as our previous secretary has now finished her role, we will need someone to take notes.

Agenda document (presented below)

1 – Welcome, moment’s silence, Preamble, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Service Concepts and sharing guidelines.
Reminder of 30 second time out with serenity prayer if anyone requests. 20 mins
1.00 – 1.20pm
2 – Introductions and Feelings check with meetings info from General Service Representatives (GSRs) and AOB requests from any attendee who wishes to have an issue discussed that isn’t on the agenda. 20 mins1.20-1.40pm
3 – Request for a member to take minutes and agreement on how this will be done 10 mins1.40-1.50pm
4 – Voting entity established and appointment of a
spiritual time keeper 5 mins
5 – Reports and updates from members in service
circulated in advance
– are there any questions arising from these? 20 mins
a. Treasurer
b. Literature Secretary
c. Sponsorship Committee
d. Contacts Management working group
e. London & SE Region (LSER) – verbal report from
meeting 10th April 2021 and background document
f. North Region draft minutes – NSC to note, especially the discussions held about the three AOB items which
they would like to share with the wider fellowship
1.55 – 2.15pm
6 – Treasurer proposals: 30 mins
a. Zoom subscription renewal – vote
b. Set up Paypal or Givt account – discussion and vote
c. Lloyds Bank signatories – discussion for guidance
2.15 – 2.45pm
7 – Public Information (PI) proposals – discussion
and votes 20 mins

a. Introduction of a formal PI budget
b. Set up simple way for groups to engage with PI work
2.45 – 3.05pm
Break3.05 – 3.20pm
8 – CoDA UK to register as a charity discussion and
vote 10 mins
3.20 – 3.30pm
9 – Service positions – discussion and votes 30 mins
a. Service role job descriptions
b. Service role service role length, vacancies and

c. Role of trusted servants
3.40 – 4.00pm
10 – Service positions available – discussion and
votes 30 mins

a. PLI coordinator – Nomination received and role
description attached
b. Secretary – role description attached, nominations
c. Chair – Handover proposal attached and role
description to be added here before meeting;
nominations required
4.00 – 4.30pm
11 – Confirm future meeting dates & times
discussion and vote 10 mins
4.30 – 4.40pm
12 – AOB 15 mins4.40 – 4.55pm
13 – Close – Promises and long form Serenity
Prayer 5 mins
4.55 – 5pm

The draft agenda has been produced by the chair and proposal secretary, in consultation with other trusted servants as required, and will be available here on 24th/25th April.

How to join the meeting:

The meeting is open to all members, not just GSRs, using the Zoom details below.

Join Zoom meeting 

Meeting ID: 857 1637 8916
Password: 874688

Or dial on one of the numbers below
+44 330 088 5830, +44 131 460 1196 , +44 20 3481 5237,
+44 20 3481 5240, +44 20 8080 6591, +44 20 8080 6592

NB: The vote which was taken at the NSC last year to use Teams for an NSC meeting will be revisited in May, due to a change in circumstances.
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Member Networks

A number of virtual network groups have been set up to share experience, strength and hope between meetings, and to provide fellowship and contacts across CoDA UK for a number of purposes.

To join, or find out more email the contacts below:

Name / OverviewFocus / Contact
CoDA Step Group Online

This group is for CoDA members to coordinate themselves so they can form step groups online.

Platform: Whatsapp & Telegram
CoDA Steps

Find out more!
CoDA LGBTQIA+ Step Group

This WA group is to support the formation of LGBTQIA+ Step Groups.

Platform: Whatsapp & Discord
CoDA Steps (for LGBTQIA+)

Find out more!
CoDA Chair Finders

Join this group if you are having trouble finding speakers for your own meeting, or would like to volunteer to speak at other meetings outside your own.
Email admin with your first name, local group and saying why you want to join (chair/chairfinder).

Platform: Whatsapp
CoDA Chairs

Find out more!
CoDA UK Noticeboard

The purpose of this chat is to facilitate connection between all CoDA UK Groups where events and information can be instantly and directly shared across the fellowship.
CoDA UK Noticeboard

Find out more!
CoDA Sponsor Support

This group is to support new and potential CoDA sponsors to have one to one conversations about sponsorship with more experienced sponsors. Please post requests for outreach.

Platform: Whatsapp
CoDA Sponsor Support

Find out more!
Newcomers wishing to connect further or seeking support

Review the FAQ and/or contact the communications secretary with enquiries.
Newcomer communications.


Find out more!

B News Homepage News New to CoDA

What is codependence video

CoDA world service has produced a video to educate the public on ‘What codependency is’ and to be of service to the codependent who still suffers.