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Safer Online Meetings

With many of our CoDA meetings moved to internet-based video rooms & phone lines, by now you’ve probably heard of the “bombers” that like to interrupt meetings with their inappropriate behaviours. 

Following requests from meetings affected by such interruptions the CoDA Board of Trustees have collated some suggestions to help keep your group’s meetings safe, and we share these for our UK fellows below.

These are not 100% inclusive; it is best to research the help file of the provider or vendor that your meeting chooses.

1. Do not use your personal meeting ID – instead generate a new meeting ID for your meeting. Meeting app accounts allow the creation of many meetings with a unique ID which can be used recurring. The limitation applied is with the concurrent use of different meeting IDs.

2. Consider using a meeting password – even if this is published on a publicly accessible meetings list this can still act as a preventative measure.

3. Consider using a “waiting room” feature – this allows the meeting host(s) to vet each person before granting them access to the meeting. Should someone join the meeting for disruptive purposes they can be removed to the waiting room by the host. This also allows members to provide a new service role.

4. Mute audio as members enter the meeting or once the meeting starts – ask members to unmute when it is their time to share. Once the meeting is running only those providing service by reading the script, reading literature, or sharing need to have their mic open. This can also form a part of meeting etiquette to prevent audio echo and feedback.

5. Turn off screen sharing for everyone but the meeting host(s) – many disruptive joiners share material to interrupt the screen. Having a service position of host allows any sharing of readings or other meeting materials to be performed as part of the service role.

6. Be prepared to remove anyone that is disruptive with inappropriate behaviour – the only requirement to attend a CoDA meeting is a desire for healthy and loving relationships. By joining to disrupt intentionally signals that this is not the reason for joining the meeting.

We hope these suggestions will help you to keep CoDA meetings healthy, safe, and secure!

If your group would like assistance with setting up any of these measures, the UK Webmaster would be happy to share instructions – please email him on

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Public Liability Insurance 2021-2022

Is your group returning to Face to Face meetings after lockdown? 

Does the lease for your venue require your group to have public liability insurance?

Did you know CoDA UK holds a group Public Liability Insurance Policy which is significantly cheaper than groups can get individually?

If you would like more information or would like your group to be included on this policy, please send an email to:

If a meeting member had an accident at your venue and made a claim
Who would the claim be made against? who would be liable to pay?

Without public liability insurance, the person who signs the lease on behalf of the group, in the event of a claim is personally liable to meet all costs.

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Upcoming Events

CoDA UK meeting GSRs, meeting contacts and individual members may join the CoDA UK mailing list, to receive CoDA UK communications on topics such as upcoming workshops, retreats, CoDA committee meetings and study sessions and other key information.
Please send an email to: to sign up to the mailing list. By doing so, you agree to opt in to receive communications from CoDA UK. You can remove your name from this mailing list at any time by emailing

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1st May 2021 – NSC Quarterly meeting

Time: 12:50 for 13.00-17:00

CoDA UK is holding its quarterly business meeting which is open to members from all the national meetings and representatives of regional groups.

Join us online/by phone to discuss national CoDA business and share news from your groups. Group Service Representatives (GSRs) are able to vote on any motions proposed. 

To submit agenda items, please download and complete the form below and email it to by 10am on Saturday 17th April when committee members are meeting to start planning the agenda. The meeting will follow the successful recent format of 10 minutes per agenda item, with 30 second shares from each member before a vote is taken, if one is required.

The draft agenda will be produced by the chair and proposal secretary, in consultation with other trusted servants as required, and will be available here on 24th/25th April.

How to join the meeting:

The meeting is open to all members, not just GSRs, using the Zoom details below.

Join Zoom meeting 

Meeting ID: 857 1637 8916
Password: 874688

Or dial on one of the numbers below
+44 330 088 5830, +44 131 460 1196 , +44 20 3481 5237,
+44 20 3481 5240, +44 20 8080 6591, +44 20 8080 6592

NB: The vote which was taken at the NSC last year to use Teams for an NSC meeting will be revisited in May, due to a change in circumstances.

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Member Networks

A number of virtual network groups have been set up to share experience, strength and hope between meetings, and to provide fellowship and contacts across CoDA UK for a number of purposes.

To join, or find out more email the contacts below:

Name / OverviewFocus / Contact
CoDA Step Group Online

This group is for CoDA members to coordinate themselves so they can form step groups online.

Platform: Whatsapp & Telegram
CoDA Steps

Find out more!
CoDA LGBTQIA+ Step Group

This WA group is to support the formation of LGBTQIA+ Step Groups.

Platform: Whatsapp & Discord
CoDA Steps (for LGBTQIA+)

Find out more!
CoDA Outreach Group

This group is for CoDA members to coordinate Outreach calls. A place to find someone to share with (rather than share in channel).

Platform: Whatsapp
CoDA Outreach Call

Find out more!
CoDA Chair Finders

Join this group if you are having trouble finding speakers for your own meeting, or would like to volunteer to speak at other meetings outside your own.
Email admin with your first name, local group and saying why you want to join (chair/chairfinder).

Platform: Whatsapp
CoDA Chairs

Find out more!
CoDA Sponsor Support

This group is to support new and potential CoDA sponsors to have one to one conversations about sponsorship with more experienced sponsors. Please post requests for outreach.

Platform: Whatsapp
CoDA Sponsor Support

Find out more!

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What is codependence video

CoDA world service has produced a video to educate the public on ‘What codependency is’ and to be of service to the codependent who still suffers.

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Public Liability Insurance 2020

Is your group covered for public liability insurance?
Does your room rent include public liability insurance?
If a meeting member had an accident at your venue and made a claim
Who would the claim be made against? who would be liable to pay?

Several CoDA groups who rent rooms are unsure of the answer to both these questions and believe they are covered by their venues insurance policy. Without reading the small print of the lease and asking specific questions to the Landlord it’s not always obvious.

Without public liability insurance, the person who signs the lease on behalf of the group, in the event of a claim is personally liable to meet all costs.

In 2019, CoDA UK contacted all groups requesting they check if the rent they pay for their rooms includes Public Liability Insurance. Many groups discovered they were not covered which led to CoDA UK purchasing a group policy for those groups who wanted to be covered. Several groups later approached us and paid to be added to the policy as their venue required a copy for their landlord to continue renting out the room.

The cost for each group to be covered last year was £50 per annum. A few groups last year paid the amount over several weeks. If your group would like to purchase cover and be included in the CoDA group insurance or if you have any questions regarding the policy, please send an email to before the 26th March 2020.