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Shares (By Step)

Co-Dependents Anonymous is a fellowship of people whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships.
The only requirement for member is a desire for healthy and loving relationships

CoDA Preamble

Step 1

We admit we are powerless over other people…

Desert CoDA
CoDA Fellowship Forum
CoDA Founders – London 2019 – the First Step
CoDA Arizona– Cynthia “Experience, Stength & Hope”

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CoDA Recovery Stories – Step 1
CoDA Recovery Stories – Step 1,2,3
CoDA Minnesota Blog – Step 1
CoDA – Step 1 – pamphlet
CoDA Recovery Stories – The Importance of Working the Steps
CoDA Meetings in Print – What’s Control, What’s Asserting Boundaries?

Step 2

Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves…

CoDA Arizona – Jobe
CoDA Arizona – Chris J
CoDA Tucson
Step 2 – Graphic
Desert CoDA
Desert CoDA – Cindy
Desert CoDA –Chase – “A New Sense of Hope”
CoDA Founders – London 2019 – Step 2

See also
CoDA – Step 2 – pamphlet
CoDA Recovery Stories – Coming to Believe

Step 3

Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over…

Living the Third Step – CoDA Founders – Ken & Mary
Desert CoDA – Tom G – “Make new this day”
Desert CoDA
Desert CoDA – Cindy
CoDA Founders – London 2019 – Step 3

See also
CoDA – Step 3 – pamphlet
CoDA Recovery Prayer

Step 4

Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves…

CoDA Arizona – Sert & Jesse
Desert CoDA
Desert CoDA – Ronni
CoDA Founders – London 2019 – Step 4 & 5
CoDA Arizona– Jeannie L “Healing Past Wounds through the 4th Step”

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CoDA Recovery Stories – Step 4
The Recovery Patterns
The 40 Questions – Step 4 & 5
CoDA – Step 4 – pamphlet

Step 5

Admitted… to ourselves, and to another human being, the exact nature of our wrongs.

CoDA Fellowship Forum
Desert CoDA

See also
CoDA Recovery Stories – The Rewards of Step 5
CoDA – Step 5 – pamphlet

Step 6 & 7

Were entirely ready…Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings…

CoDA Tucson – CoDA Founders – Ken & Mary
Internation al CoDA Conference 2021 – JW
Step 6&7 – Slides
CoDA Founders – London 2019 – Step 6 & 7
CoDA Arizona– Ken R (CoDA Founder) “Steps 6 & 7 – Transforming Knowledge into Action”

See also
CoDA – Step 6 – pamphlet
CoDA – Step 7 – pamphlet
Establishing Boundaries in Recovery

Step 8&9

Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends…Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others…

Desert CoDA
CoDA Portland
CoDA Founders – London 2019 – Step 8 & 9
CoDA Arizona-Sharia A – Steps 8, 9, 10

See also
CoDA – Step 8 – pamphlet
CoDA – Step 9 – pamphlet

Step 10

Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong…admitted it…

CoDA Arizona – Paul & Cammie
CoDA Founders – London 2019 – Step 10 & 11
Desert CoDA – Chase – Step 10 & 11

See also
Texas CoDA – A Daily Checklist
CoDA – Step 10 – pamphlet

Step 11

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact 

CoDA Tuscon
CoDA Arizona – CoDA Founder – Mary – Seeking Gods Will
Codependence Matters – Malasula

See also
CoDA Recovery Stories – “The Daily Eleventh Step”
CoDA – Step 11 – pamphlet

Step 12

Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message…

CoDA Fellowship Forum
CoDA Founders – London 2019 – Step 12
Desert CoDA – David M – Spiritual Awakening

See also
North Texas CoDA – Honouring the Twelfth Step
CoDA – Step 12 – pamphlet
Dealing with Disagreements

Other resources

Shared With Thanks – CoDA Shares – By Topic
Step 1,2,3 – 30 Questions
CoDA Recovery Story – Working a Twelve Step Programme When Youre Not Sure About God
CoDA Founders – 12 Steps on a Daily Basis & Self Care
CoDA Founders – Recovering a Relationship with Ourselves Using the 12 Steps
CoDA Reflections – 10 month walk through the steps
Desert CoDA – Chase – Step study notes
Communication and Recovery

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Open Service Positions

A CoDA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions

Tradition 7

Why is service part of recovery?

Those who have gone before us recognize that service is critical to recovery and is part of the Twelfth Step. Service work is a place to practice recovery skills and extend our recovery to new areas of our lives. At the group level, CoDA members carry the message in many ways, by sharing in meetings, speaking to newcomers (with a focus on providing information rather than giving advice) and trying to adhere to CoDA principles in meetings and elsewhere in their lives. Members can start practicing these types of service from early on in their recovery.

Find out more

Available NSC Service Positions

Full list of NSC service positions

It was agreed at the November 2021 NSC meeting that all the vacant positions could be shared by more than one member, and a full handover will be given by the outgoing member in service.

Full post descriptions open in new tabs – click below to find out more:

Support welcomed for…..

Teams seeking service support

Codependence Matters (UK Speaker Series)
London South East Region – Committee
North Region – (N England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
Outreach support – Member Networks

Other opportunities

Join a CoDA Member Network
Offer service at your home group
Sponsor a newcomer
Start a new CoDA Meeting
Submit a CoDA Share

See also

Home Group – Service Positions

A Upcoming Events B News Homepage News

*NEW* 8th-10th Sept 2023 CoDA Women’s Retreat – London

Friday 8th September to Sunday 10th September 2023

Registration from 4pm on Friday (dinner at 6.00 pm) and ends at 3pm on Sunday

The Codependents Anonymous Approved Women’s Retreat will adhere to the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Codependents Anonymous, adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous. Codependents Anonymous is a spiritual programme. 12 Step Meetings will be held throughout the weekend and CODA approved literature will also be available.

Kairos is home to a small spiritual group of friendly religious Sisters and is a venue used by other 12 Step fellowships.

There will be a choice of meetings to attend or you are free to explore the grounds, walk to Richmond Park (10 minutes away), or do whatever you need for your own health and recovery. There will also be a social gathering on the Saturday evening, which is an opportunity to have some fun. Please share your talents with us, but be mindful of Tradition 6 i.e. no outside enterprises. All activities are optional.

Most of the bedrooms are for single occupancy and few are available for twin sharing. Each floor has ample washing facilities and plenty of tea-making areas. Please bring what you need with you for your own comfort, be it a hot water bottle, your own towel or a special herbal tea. The food at Kairos is wholesome and plentiful. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided.

Please inform us when you book if you need a special diet i.e. vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free etc, and this will be catered for. The rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so inform us when you book of any special room requests. There is disabled access. Unfortunately, there is no camping at this venue.

The cost is £210 for accommodation, admin and food to be paid by bank transfer or cheque

To book a place
Please email Judith on stating your preferred room type & any food requirements.

Travel: for travel details please see the Kairos website.

CoDA Womens Retreat Team


  • Pay either by cheque (payable to Women’s CoDA Retreat) posted to Judith at 18 Concanon Road, London, SW2 5TA
  • or direct bank transfer payment quoting sort code 40-01-22 and current account 61784471
  • Giving your first name and surname initial as reference.
  • The final booking date is Friday 4th August.
  • Refunds after this date are at the discretion of the venue.
  • Secure your place by payment in full.

General Enquiries:

For general CoDA queries about the Retreat:

A Upcoming Events Homepage News

July 2023 – CoDA World Service Conference

“Through service inside and outside of CoDA I am growing”


Next CSC Meeting

The CoDA Service Conference will be hybrid this year (both in person and virtual)

Service Conference: 24th-27th July 2023
Workshops & Speakers: 28th-30th July 2023
View Event Flyer
More info to follow – keep an eye on this page for details

Resources from Past Events

CSC Conference Motions and Reports
CSC – Summaries (1987 to date)
CSC Motions and Reports (1987 to date)
Past Convention and Retreat Recordings
CSC – Audio Index

World Service Conference Reports from UK NSC Members

2022 Report from Philip, UK Delegate and Voting Entity

CoDA Service Conference 2022

2021 Reports from Philip and Pete, UK Delegates and Voting Entities

CoDA Service Conference 2021 – Philip
CoDA Service Conference 2021 – Pete H

2020 Reports from Gillian, UK Delegate and Voting Entity

CoDA Report from NSC to Service Conference 2020
CoDA Service Conference 2020 Report to NSC

2019 Report from Gillian, UK Delegate and Voting Entity

CoDA Service Conference 2019

2015 Report from Cara, UK Delegate and Voting Entity

CoDA Service Conference 2015

2014 Report with Appendices – NSC rep possibly Dagmar

CoDA Service Conference 2014

2010 Report – NSC reps possibly Dagmar and Geraldine

CoDA Service Conference – Questions & Answers

We are looking for volunteers to give service to expand the service pages, sharing the benefits of service to our recovery, and providing a resource for fellow members to develop their service roles at personal, group, region, national and international level. Please contact if you would like to be involved in developing the service pages resource.

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Public Liability Insurance 2023-2024

Is your group meeting face to face?

Does the lease for your venue require your group to have public liability insurance?

If a meeting member had an accident at your venue and made a claim, who would the claim be made against? Who would be liable to pay?

Without public liability insurance, the person who signs the lease on behalf of the group is personally liable to meet all costs in the event of a claim.

Did you know that CoDA UK holds a group Public Liability Insurance Policy which is significantly cheaper than groups can get individually?

If you would like more information or would like your group to be included on this policy, please send an email to the treasurer:

Public Liability Insurance 2023-24 letter
To find out more about the cover for in-person meetings, groups and retreats for this year and how to request it, please download the letter below in your preferred format to share the information with your group.

Letter (docx) | Letter (pdf)

A Upcoming Events B News Homepage News Share

CoDA Fellowship Forum – event (and shares)

Hosted by CoDA Communications Committee

Join us for CoDA Member shares with time for questions and fellowship

WHEN: Last Saturday of every month:
8 PM (GMT-UK),12 PM (PT), 1 PM (MT), 2 PM (CT) and 3 PM (ET),Sun. 7am (AEST-Aus)

Join Zoom Meeting!
Meeting ID: 997 1221 0733

Sign up for event reminders!

© Codependents Anonymous, inc 2018-2020

This podcast is the property of CoDependents Anonymous.  

Reproduction without written permission from CoDependents Anonymous is not permitted.

CoDA Fellowship Forums purpose is to share information with any & all CoDA members, especially that which may effect CoDA as a whole.

CoDA Fellowship Forum send out regular emails with CoDA events, announcements, issues & CoDA business of interest to both specific regions & to the entire CoDA fellowship.

Per the 2nd tradition, For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority, a loving higher power as expressed to our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern. Developing a group conscience requires an informed fellowship, & to be effective trusted servants those you’ve elected must know the group conscience of the fellowship.


Jan – Join in the Journey with Colour – (CoDA Colouring Book) – Kathy H
Feb – Sponsorship – James K
Mar – Meeting in Print – David A
Apr – Group Conscience Decision Making Process – David A


Jan – Forgiveness & Acceptance
Feb – Trauma Bonding
Mar – The 12 Promises
Apr – Boundaries & Jealousy
May – The Labels of Codependency
Jun – CoDA Unity
Jul – Step 1 – Powerlessness
Sept – Tradition 1 – Unity
Oct – Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes – Gail
Nov – Working Steps 4 & 5 – With 40 Questions – Debbie

Forty Questions – for CoDA Steps 4 & 5 (Final Draft)


Feb – Lets Talk About Service
Mar – Silver Linings
Apr – Let’s Talk About the Power of Pause
May – Dealing with Change
Jun – Spirituality – David A / James K
Jul – Hope – David A
Aug – Willingness – David A & Jim K
Sept – Intentions vs Actions – David A
Oct – My First CoDA Meeting – David A
Nov – Gratitude – James K
Dec – Anonymity – David A


Feb – The 12 Service Guidelines
Mar – Speaking My Truth Was Liberating
Apr – When Life Gives You Lemons
May – Let’s Talk About Service
Jun – Let’s Talk About Writing for CoDA
Jul – Let’s Talk About Inner Child
Sept – Let’s Talk About Sponsorship
Oct – Let’s Talk About How to Deal with Fear
Nov – Let’s Talk About Gratitude
Dec – Let’s Talk About How Do I Feel?

( View full index of – fellowship forum shares)
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A Upcoming Events B News Homepage News Share

*UPDATE* Co-Dependence Matters – meetings (and shares)

Speaker Sessions are run most Saturdays by the group.

Saturday, 7pm (BST) (UTC+1)
Join Speaker Sessions:

Meeting ID : 81287357167
Password: 679646


7th Tradition Fund:

Where recordings are taken, some of them have been anonymised to remove names of attendees.

These recordings are made freely available for use by all CoDA groups and members and may be used and redistributed for free maintaining attribution to the speaker event organisers.

May you find what you need from the recordings.

CoDA Matters (formerly Mixed online Meetings) are run

Weekday sessions: 7:30pm – 9pm UK time (UTC+1)
Join weekday sessions:

Meeting ID : 429544928
Password: 103301



14th Jan 23 – Sharing Experience Strength and Hope
21st Jan 23 – Heidi A – Arizona,USA – Sharing Experience Strength and Hope
28th Jan 23 – Sharing Experience Strength and Hope
11th Feb 23 – Sharing Experience Strength and Hope
23rd Feb 23 – Heidi A – Peeling the Onion
Powerpoint slides
4th Mar 23 – ESH – Step 3
*NEW* 28th March 23 – Barbara, USA – Sharing Experience Strength and Hope (30 years in CoDA)
*NEW* 15th April 23 – Alice – Sharing Experience Strength and Hope (30 years in CoDA)
*NEW* 29th April 23 – Norma – Sharing Experience Strength and Hope (30 years in CoDA)
*NEW* 6th May 23 – Alice – How Service has helped my Recovery
*NEW* 6th May 23 – Andy B & Annie W– Healthy Meetings Matter
*NEW* 6th May 23 – Evie – How Not to Go Crazy Doing Service
*NEW* 6th May 23 – Ken & Mary R– Love versus Fear in Service Work
*NEW* 6th May 23 – Heida A & Vince – The 12 Piece Relationship Toolkit
*NEW* 6th May 23 – Dan R – The writing of The 12 Service Concepts booklet

*NEW* 6th May 23 – Lisa J – – Spirituality and Service
*NEW* 13th May 23 – Jeremiah J – Step 5
Jan 22 – Heidi – Self Parenting
Jan 22 – Ritchard and Karen – Traditions 1 to 4 of The Twelve Piece Relationship Toolkit
Feb 22 – Ritchard and Karen – Traditions 5 to 8 of The Twelve Piece Relationship Toolkit
9th Apr 22 – M
23rd Apr 22 – A
7th May 22 – E
14th May 22 – TJ –
21st May 22 – C
28th May 22 – B
18th Jun 22 – *NEW* The Guidelines for Sharing
25th Jun 22 – Lisa J – Inner Children and their Higher Powers
16th Jul 22 – R – Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
30th Jul 22 – Workshop – CoDA Founders – Inner Child
6th Aug 22 – Cammi A – Promise 8
15th Aug 22 – J.W – Building a Strong Foundation – Tools for Recovery
Google Presentation
PDF Presentation
3rd Sept 22 – Kate – Service
10th Sept 22 – N – Experience Strength & Hope
17th Sept 22 – Malasula – Step 11
1st Oct 22 – K – Experience, Strength & Hope
8th Oct 22 – SJ – Experience Strength & Hope
15th Oct 22 – Phil P – Experience Strength & Hope
19th Nov 22 – Paul G – Experience Strength & Hope
26th Nov 22 – JJ USA – Experience Strength & Hope
10th Dec 22 – Traditions
17th Dec 22 – Experience Strength Hope – Step Eleven
Jan 20 – Lyn
23rd Jan 21 – Mary R – CoDA Founder
Jan 21 – Ken R – CoDA Founder
Feb 21 – Susan
Feb 21 – Emily
May 21 – Penny P
May 21 – Scott
May 21 – Lennie
Jun 21 – Alice
Dec 21 – Frank C – Sponsorship
Dec 21 – Heidi – Shame
8th Aug 20 – Christina
22th Aug 20 – On Service
29th Aug 20 – Heidi
10th Oct 20 – Frank C – Steps
Oct 20 – Frank C – Traditions
Oct 20 – Charlie
24th Oct 20 – John
7th Nov 20 – Andy
21st Nov 20 – V
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Member Networks

A number of virtual network groups have been set up to share experience, strength and hope between meetings, and to provide fellowship and contacts across CoDA UK for a number of purposes.

To join, or find out more email the contacts below:

Name / OverviewFocus / Contact
CoDA Step Group Online

This group is for CoDA members to coordinate themselves so they can form step groups online.

Platform: Whatsapp & Telegram
CoDA Steps

Find out more - via
CoDA LGBTQIA+ Step Group

This WA group is to support the formation of LGBTQIA+ Step Groups.

Platform: Whatsapp & Discord
CoDA Steps (for LGBTQIA+)

Find out more - via
CoDA UK Noticeboard

The purpose of this chat is to facilitate connection between all CoDA UK Groups where events and information can be instantly and directly shared across the fellowship.

Platform: Whatsapp
CoDA UK Noticeboard

Find out more via
CoDA Mixed Outreach

A mixed gender space where members of the CoDA fellowship can outreach with other members. In this space, outreach means timed shares in a phone conversation with another CoDA member. Please respect the group's boundaries as expressed in the Welcome and in the Group Conscience of this group.

Platform: Whatsapp
CoDA Mixed Outreach

Find out more via
Women's - Outreach
A safe space for women in the CoDA fellowship to outreach with other women, and to share ESH (Experience, Strength & Hope)

Platform: Whatsapp
Women's Outreach
Join Women's Outreach
Join Women's Outreach - 2
Find out more via
Newcomers wishing to connect further or seeking support

Review Frequently Asked Questions and/or contact the communications secretary with enquiries.
Newcomer communications

Find out more via