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15th to 17th January 2021 CoDA Mixed Retreat Noddfa (Online)

Friday 15th January to Sunday 17th January 2021

The retreat opens Friday 15th January from 6pm with an opening ceremony and introductions at 7:30pm. The retreat ends Sunday 17th January at 3pm

Meeting details

(7th Annual NODDFA Mixed Retreat)

Join Zoom meeting

Zoom Meeting ID: 867 0310 5462

Passcode: 027432

or call:

+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

+44 203 481 5237 UK

+353 1 240 8941 Ireland

Find your local number here

NODDFA Mixed Retreat Schedule

NODDFA Script (inc. readings) browser friendly


NODDFA Readings

Additional meeting readings and materials

7th tradition donations during the retreat can be made anonymously using the following link:

Donations will be used to cover expenses, subsidise postage for literature during the pandemic and also to provide a donation to the Noddfa Centre.

After our very successful 6th Mixed Retreat at the beginning of this year at Noddfa, we are happy to announce our 7th annual retreat again. Due to the current situation with the pandemic unfortunately we cannot hold the retreat face-to-face at Noddfa in January 2021 but will be doing all we can to bring the spirit of Noddfa to the online retreat.

This is a Codependents Anonymous UK Approved Mixed Retreat. CoDA Traditions are observed, and only CoDA approved literature is available for.

CoDA Website:

The Codependents Anonymous Approved Mixed Retreat will adhere to the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Codependents Anonymous.

Codependents Anonymous is a spiritual program. 12 Step Meetings will be held throughout the weekend and CODA approved Literature will also be available. No outside speakers are involved.

Readings at meetings throughout the weekend will be taken from the following literature:

  • The CoDA big book
  • The codependents anonymous workbook
  • In this moment daily meditation book
  • Common threads of codependency
  • Peeling the onion
  • The twelve-piece relationship toolkit

It may benefit attendees to have this literature available during the retreat.

There will be a social gathering on the Saturday evening – please share your talents with us! (though do be mindful of Tradition 6, i.e. no outside enterprises). All activities are optional.

The retreat will take place online this year, hopefully returning to the wonderful location of Noddfa house in October and next January. Noddfa is home to a small extremely kind and friendly spiritual group of religious Sisters and is a venue used by 12 Step and numerous other groups throughout the year. It is a lovely old house with views of the sea and the hills. The grounds are full of trees, colourful shrubs and flowers. There is also a walled vegetable garden, a labyrinth and many other hidden treasures.

NODDFA is a Welsh word meaning ‘haven’ or ‘refuge’. A place of peace and welcome, a place where you can regain energy. This is the venue we have again chosen for our Retreat and we hope it will be a time for you to relax and recharge while taking time to be self- aware.

It is not compulsory to attend all the meetings if you do not wish to.

As the retreat will be held online this year there will be no charge for accommodation. 7th tradition donations and donations to support the work of Noddfa can be made during the retreat.

Any further CODA queries for the retreat please contact Pete on 07853865040 / or Gillian on 07792236888 /

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16th Jan – Co-Dependence Matters (CoDA Founder share)

Meeting opens 6:45pm
16th January – UK speaker series – Ken R – Founder of CoDA (7 – 9pm )

Join Zoom meeting
Zoom Meeting ID: 897 9829 2378
Passcode: 778883

or call:
+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
+44 203 481 5237 UK
+353 1 240 8941 Ireland

Find your local number here

Please sign in 15 minutes early

Email to find out more 

Registration is not required

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23rd Jan – Co-Dependence Matters (CoDA Founder share)

Meeting opens 6:45pm
23rd January – UK speaker series – Mary R (Founder) – (7 – 9pm )

Join Zoom meeting
Zoom Meeting ID: 897 9829 2378
Passcode: 778883

or call:
+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
+44 203 481 5237 UK
+353 1 240 8941 Ireland

Find your local number here

Please sign in 15 minutes early

Email to find out more 

Registration is not required

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27th Feb – CoDA UK Sponsorship Zoom Workshops 2021

Are you looking for a sponsor?
Are you wondering if you’re ready to be a sponsor?
Are you interested in joining or setting up a step group?
Come along to listen and share your experience strength and hope about being a sponsee, a sponsor or being in a step group.

No Registration required to attend this event. Zoom limit of 100 people

Next dates: 27 February 2021. Future dates to be decided.

Zoom connection details – will be posted to all subscribers
Please email to be put on this mailing list.

Find your local number

CodaUK – Sponsorship Workshop Committee


  • Two separate CoDA meetings with a 15 minute break in between.
  • Only CoDA speakers. Only CoDA approved literature.
  • No entrance fee. Donations requested to your home group.

1.00 Meeting about One to One Sponsorship
2.40 Break
2.55 Meeting about Step Groups and Co-Sponsorship
4.30 Close

Are you willing to do a 10 minute Chair, giving your experience strength and hope (ESH) working the steps as a Sponsor, being Sponsored, working in a Step Group, as a Co-Sponsor?

Are you willing to do service to support the workshop? Opportunities for Service on the day:
Giving 10 minute chair about being a Sponsor, Sponsee, member of Step Group
Being Chair Finder
Reading Script
Booking person to contact venue and secure place
Spiritual Timekeeper
Newcomers rep

If you would like to do a service position, please email

You can email and request a printed, pdf or .doc version, and be put on the mailing list of future workshops.

We have a script for the workshop, if that helps: all are welcome to read and comment: 

Workshop – Script

CoDA Org Sponsorship Resources

An account of Step Group – Coda World

Working Steps in a group

Safeguarding Policy

Coda Fellowship Forum Audio Recording

CoDA – Fellowship Forum – Audio recordings

CoDA Endorsed Literature
CoDA – blue book: < US – CoRE > < UK / EU >
CoDA – green book: < US – CoRE > < UK / EU > < eBook >

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9th Jan – London South-East Region meeting

NEXT MEETING : January 9th – 1:45pm
(Meeting runs: 2pm – 5pm)

All CoDA members are warmly invited to attend

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 885 6658 2862
Passcode: 463449

LSER Communications Secretary

Agenda items for discussion include:

  • LSER service position roles and guidelines.
  • The best time to hold our meeting to enable more members to attend.
  • What kind of support GSRs and groups would like to receive from Region and how you’d like to participate. 
  • Ideas for events.

By request, there will be a talk on the WhatsApp Outreach and Step Working Groups, with time for questions and discussion.

LSER meetings will be held on Zoom for the time being. We hope this will allow GSRs and members from all corners of our Region to attend and participate.

3rd Oct – London South East Region Meeting

The next meeting of the LSER committee is on Saturday Oct 3rd at 2pm to 4pm. The meeting will be opened at 1.45pm. GSRs and all CoDA members are warmly invited to attend. The invite is below. At the last meeting Andy B was elected as Chair, Annie W as Communications Secretary, Carmel T as […]

LSER Committee Meeting July 2020

Dear CoDA London South East Region (LSER) Members, I hope this finds you well. This is a reminder and your invitation for this Saturday’s 11th July 1pm London South East Region meeting. The aim of this meeting is to vote in the LSER Committee.  The Zoom login details are listed below. The below list shows which service […]

LSER Update 30/6

Service positions available Tuesday 30th June Dear CoDA London South East Region Members, An informal London & South East Region (LSER) Zoom meeting took place on Saturday 23rd May to continue the dialogue from the initial meeting in February 2020. During the meeting, general consensus was to reform the LSER committee and some of those present expressed […]

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Member Networks

A number of virtual network groups have been set up to share experience, strength and hope between meetings, and to provide fellowship and contacts across CoDA UK for a number of purposes.

To join, or find out more email the contacts below:

Name / OverviewFocus / Contact
CoDA Step Group Online

This group is for CoDA members to coordinate themselves so they can form step groups online.

Platform: Whatsapp
CoDA Steps

Find out more!
CoDA LGBTQIA+ Step Group

This WA group is to support the formation of LGBTQIA+ Step Groups.

Platform: Whatsapp & Discord
CoDA Steps (for LGBTQIA+)

Find out more!
CoDA Outreach Group

This group is for CoDA members to coordinate Outreach calls. A place to find someone to share with (rather than share in channel).

Platform: Whatsapp
CoDA Outreach Call

Find out more!
CoDA Chair Finders

Join this group if you are having trouble finding speakers for your own meeting, or would like to volunteer to speak at other meetings outside your own.
Email admin with your first name, local group and saying why you want to join (chair/chairfinder).

Platform: Whatsapp
CoDA Chairs

Find out more!
CoDA Sponsor Support

This group is to support new and potential CoDA sponsors to have one to one conversations about sponsorship with more experienced sponsors. Please post requests for outreach.

Platform: Whatsapp
CoDA Sponsor Support

Find out more!

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What is codependence video

CoDA world service has produced a video to educate the public on ‘What codependency is’ and to be of service to the codependent who still suffers.

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Public Liability Insurance 2020

Is your group covered for public liability insurance?
Does your room rent include public liability insurance?
If a meeting member had an accident at your venue and made a claim
Who would the claim be made against? who would be liable to pay?

Several CoDA groups who rent rooms are unsure of the answer to both these questions and believe they are covered by their venues insurance policy. Without reading the small print of the lease and asking specific questions to the Landlord it’s not always obvious.

Without public liability insurance, the person who signs the lease on behalf of the group, in the event of a claim is personally liable to meet all costs.

In 2019, CoDA UK contacted all groups requesting they check if the rent they pay for their rooms includes Public Liability Insurance. Many groups discovered they were not covered which led to CoDA UK purchasing a group policy for those groups who wanted to be covered. Several groups later approached us and paid to be added to the policy as their venue required a copy for their landlord to continue renting out the room.

The cost for each group to be covered last year was £50 per annum. A few groups last year paid the amount over several weeks. If your group would like to purchase cover and be included in the CoDA group insurance or if you have any questions regarding the policy, please send an email to before the 26th March 2020.