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22nd Jan 2023- CoDA ONLINE Sponsorship Workshop

Working the Steps in CoDA: exploring different sponsorship approaches.

CoDA UK Sponsorship Committee will host a Zoom Sponsorship workshop

Sunday 22nd January 2023, 4-6pm UK time (8-10am Pacific time) (doors open half an hour before)

  • Are you looking for a sponsor?
  • Are you wondering if you’re ready to be a sponsor?
  • Are you looking for new sponsees?

This workshop will have shares on being a sponsor, sponsee and co-sponsoring. It is an introduction to the various ways of sponsorship, not necessarily the place where you will find a sponsor. People will share how they found a sponsor. You have to do your part. Finding a sponsor is an active process within Recovery. We have to investigate our own route to acquiring a sponsor through attending weekly meetings, doing service in a home group and joining WhatsApp groups (see below).

This event will be limited to the first 100 people who log-in. No registration is needed.

These workshops have not to date exceeded the maximum number of participants, so you should be able to join easily. The link below will be valid on the day.

The meeting will open at 3.30 for a 4.00 start.

  • 4.00 – Start all the readings
  • 4:15 – Shares on being a sponsor/co-sponsor  (2 shares), Shares on being a sponsee (2 shares)
  • 4:55 – 5.05 – 10 minute comfort break. 
  • 5.05 – Sharing time
  • 5.55 – Close of workshop
  • 6.00 – Open for discussion, outreach offers, requests & questions till 6.30

To make the most of this interactive workshop we suggest that you join using a laptop, desktop or tablet device with your video on so we can all see each other, see the readings and have access to the chat box.

Please remember you can save the materials in the chat box by clicking on the three dots to the right at the bottom of chat. Choose “save chat”. Text document saved in your documents folder. Separate folder called Zoom.


  • 4.15pm Chair on Being a sponsor (10 minutes)
  • 4.25pm Chair on Being a sponsor (10 minutes)
  • 4.35pm Chair on Being a sponsee (10 minutes)
  • 4.45pm Chair on Being a co-sponsor (10 minutes)

If you’re willing to do a Chair, please email by Jan 7th.

Dates for 2023

  • Saturday 15th April 2023 4-6pm
  • Sunday 16th July 2023 4-6pm 
  • Saturday 14th October 2023 4-6pm 

Topic: Quarterly Sponsorship Workshop
Time: Sunday Jan 22, 2023 16:00 London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 873 1053 7470
Passcode: Traditions

If you are dialling in on a phone, please use Passcode: 4065603071
Find your local number:

P.S. We encourage you to read the “Sponsorship: What’s in it for me” booklet before attending which you can purchase from

If you want more information

This is the script for the workshop:

Web page on Sponsorship:

Read Chapter 5 in the Coda Blue Book.

Sponsorship Brochure:

Resources for Sponsors:

Working the Steps in a Group v4

Safeguarding Policy